Week #101 – Good Company

Good Company (photo credit: Grace Church)

Good Company (photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #101 – Good Company

Greetings Happyness Tribe — and Happy Friday!

I had the privilege of meeting up with a dynamic group of women (and Jim) last night to share our individual pursuits, what we’re working on, places we might be stuck, and brainstorm ideas and solutions to move us forward.

As we went around and shared our stories, there was no shortage of real-life challenges — health issues, financial obstacles, time constraints, learning curves, disfunction, dependency, grief.

And yet — there were no complaints!

Just solutions, ideas, brainstorms, what-if-you-tried-this-es, and — yeah — a little sprinkling of tough love and accountability.

There is a theory that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.  It’s easy to think of this in terms of career success alone — but it applies to other areas of our lives, as well.  Honesty, integrity, work ethic, outlook, empathy, wisdom, compassion, joy, and yes…


There are many quotes about “good company” and “bad company” — most warning us to be careful in choosing HOW and with WHOM we spend our time.

But not too many turn the question on us: What about me?  Am I good company — or bad?

Your Happyness Challenge for the Week Ahead: Be Good Company!  If you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with — then YOU are factoring into their averages, as well!  Take notice of who you are spending time with this week — are there times when YOU could contribute encouragement or support, celebrate a success, offer a solution, lend an ear, give sound advice, or maybe even a little tough love?

Don’t just keep good company — BE GOOD COMPANY!

Spread Happyness — be good company this week!  And share your thoughts in the comments!

8/19/16 by Grace Church
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