Week #102 – The Gift of Time


“Gift of Time” (photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #102 – The Gift of Time

Greetings Happyness Tribe — and Happy Friday!

These last few weeks of August are a heavy time.  As I mentioned in my post on August 12th — my August/September calendars are marked with “anniversaries.”  Reminders of how rapidly Rob’s health declined — and how swiftly and decisively he was taken away.

As I write this, it’s one of those anniversaries: the last time I saw my brother outside of a hospital.

The last time we rode in a car together.

Or shared a laugh.

Or a sandwich.

It is a precious day in my memory.  Every minute recorded in great detail — after all, it needs to last me a lifetime.

But one of the things I most remember about that day — is that it was a gift.  And by that I mean a literal GIFT — because someone agreed to cover me, so that I could be there with him.

Precious time…made possible by the simple (and unknowing) generosity of another’s.

Your Happyness Challenge for the Week Ahead: Give the gift of time!  One of the greatest gifts we can give another person is time.  And that doesn’t always mean OUR time with them.  It might mean giving them time to take care of themselves, take care of business, or take care of someone else.  If you find yourself in a position to cover for someone, take something off someone’s plate, or grant someone extra time to take care of something near and dear to them — please do it.  I know we all worry about being taken advantage of…there’s no one rule that covers all scenarios.  Use good sense and good judgment.  But if you’ve got the time…give it.  Generously.

It may just be the greatest gift that person receives in his or her lifetime.

Spread Happyness — give the gift of time this week!  And share your thoughts in the comments!

8/26/16 by Grace Church
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2 thoughts on “Week #102 – The Gift of Time

  1. anne wright

    Grace…we are traveling the same path. I was thinking about my Sissy tonight on my way home. I had dinner with friends. Normally I would stop and visit Chris and spen time together. .instead I watched the exit to her home pass. Time had run out for us.
    At dinner tonight a friend I had not seen in awhile laughed. suddenly time stood still as I was transferred back in time with that simple laugh..
    Taking time to offer a stranger a smile, or offer of a sincere compliment and most importantly taking time to perform a random act of kindness is a gift to one’s self.
    I wish I had more ‘time’ with Rob but I am thankful for the time we had. Whenever I was asked if it was okay if Rob joined us I never obhected. The time spent on Christmas Eve years ago with my sissy, Rob,Grace and Jamie has been time stamped in my mind.

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Thanks for continuing to follow along — and share your story. Aunt Chris was a beautiful soul who not only touched — but changed — the lives of those around her for the better. I know she is sorely missed!


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