Week #103 – No Regrets (What’s in Your Bucket?)

"No Regrets" (photo credit: Grace Church)

“No Regrets” (photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #103 – No Regrets (What’s in Your Bucket?)

Greetings Happyness Tribe — and Happy Friday!

Monday, September 5th will mark two years since Rob’s death.

Grief has taught me many things — not the least of which is the indifference, and relentlessness, of time.  What we measured first in hours, then days, then weeks, then months…has now turned into years!

There are many that say the first year is the worst — because of all “the firsts.”  You feel like you’re in a race to some “finish” line — like your grief will somehow magically come to an end there.  I’m grateful that I read an article early on about “second-year syndrome” — the setting in of the permanence of such a loss, and the great void that accompanies it.

The cruelest thing is the cutting reality that time keeps moving.  YOUR life keeps going.  Begging the question (eventually): what are you going to do with it?

Labor Day Weekend marks the “unofficial” end of summer.  I hear many people saying “Where did the summer go?!” and “It seems like just yesterday it was Memorial Day!”  But there are others who are still pressing forward to scratch things off their summer bucket lists and squeeze every last drop out of the Summer of 2016!

What’s in your bucket?

Your Happyness Challenge for the Week Ahead: What’s in your bucket?!  Last year we celebrated.  Together we had walked through that uncharted first year — spreading happyness in all the ways Rob taught us how!  This year, I challenge you to squeeze every last drop out of the Summer of 2016.  A long weekend awaits (and a possibly rainy one on the East Coast).  Is there something you planned to do this summer that you haven’t gotten to yet?  Is there a project or day trip or promise that you made that’s nagging at you?  Make it a point to complete something this week.  It’ll energize you going into the fall — and, most important, it’ll free up space for a new adventure down the line!

And if you can’t get to it — don’t despair.  Put it on your list for next year — or add it to a new list for Fall.  Because the beauty of time is there’s always more…until there isn’t!

Spread Happyness — tell me, what’s in your bucket?!  Share your thoughts in the comments!

9/2/16 by Grace Church
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