Week #104 – 104 Ways to Spread Happyness!

(Photo credit: Courtesy of Gina Buongiorno)

WAVE BIG!  (Photo credit: Courtesy of Gina Buongiorno)

Week #104 – 104 Ways to Spread Happyness!

Greetings Happyness Tribe — and welcome to WEEK #104!!!

Two years ago our world changed forever.  And — as I’ve told you before — as friends, neighbors, colleagues, co-workers, service-providers, professionals, and other acquaintances lined up in their own distress and sadness to pay their respects, I recognized immediately that we were not alone.

You had lost someone, too.

Rob was important to us all…each in our own special way.

And so, I pledged to deliver a little dose of him every Friday morning via this blog — along with a little challenge to keep things going.  SpreadHappyness was born because I believed Rob’s legacy was his natural ability to spread happiness to anyone who crossed his path — and I didn’t think that had to die with him.  I wanted to carry the torch forward — because cancer wasn’t the only thing that could spread.  I knew happiness could, too!

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of this blog — here is a rundown of the 104 ways we have Spread Happyness from the beginning!  Have a favorite?!  I’d love to hear about it!

104 Ways to Spread Happyness!
#1 – Wave Big!
#2 – Say Hello Like You Mean It!
#3 – Nicknames…and other ways to win friends and influence people!
#4 – Build Your Character Muscles
#5 – How to Be Beautiful (in Three Easy Steps)
#6 – Pure Energy: Are you an outlet or a plug?
#7 – Don’t Pretend…Make Plans (Go get your wings!)
#8 – Are you a Smiling Guy (or Gal)?
#9 – Who’s ready for some “Strange Magic?”
#10 – What’s on your wish list?
#11 – There’s no “I” in “Generous.”
#12 – There’s no “I” in “Thoughtful” either!
#13 – Hey, how ya’ doing?
#14 – Do you have a “Happy Heart?”
#15 – Looking Ahead: Remember the Why behind your What!
#16 – Can you say, “I love my life!”?
#17 – Ten Practical Ways to “Spread the Warmth” this Cold Snap
#18 – Roll Me Away: What’s your escape song?
#19 – You are worthy!
#20 – How about a “Breath of Fresh Air?”
#21 – Have a “Rob Church Kinda Day!”
#22 – Come on, get happy! (And give some, too!)
#23 – “Fitness never takes a snow day!”
#24 – “Keep it shiny side up!” (Dedicated to Gregory Pellinger)
#25 – “Ride the Wave!” (Reflections at the Six-Month Mark)
#26 – There’s always…Bowling!
#27 – “Let the balloon go…” (What are you holding on to?)
#28 – “Take the long way home…”
#29 – “Where to now?” (Happy Spring!)
#30 – What is your “Always…”?
#31 – “Honoring & Remembering”
#32 – “Where do all the socks go?”
#33 – “Heavy on my mind…” (Who are you thinking of?)
#34 – Start with your Heart (Nine ways to be “Truly Compassionate”)
#35 – “My sunshine on this earth!” (What weather best describes you?)
#36 – “Remembered Always…” (Putting the Memorial back in Memorial Day)
#37 – “The Power of Love” (What’s on your summer playlist?)
#38 – “Keep Going!”
#39 – “Summa-time is Funna-time!” (Are YOU having FUN yet?)
#40 – Summer Fun Challenge: “Come play with me!”
#41 – Summer Fun Challenge: “Ride the Rides!”
#42 – Summer Fun Challenge: “Family Time!”
#43 – Summer Fun Challenge: “Walk the Boards and Ride the Waves!” (Dedicated to Rob Kalp)
#44 – Summer Fun Challenge: “One Tank Trips!”
#45 – Summer Fun Challenge: Pool Volleyball (and other ways to GET WET!)
#46 – Summer Fun Challenge: “Quiet Time!”
#47 – Summer Fun Challenge: “Lessons Available!” (Learn to ___________!)
#48 – Summer Fun Challenge: “Just Watch!”
#49 – Summer Fun Challenge: “Feeding Time!”
#50 – Summer Fun Challenge: “Keep ’em Flying!”
#51 – Summer Fun Challenge: “CELEBRATE!”
#52 – Endings and Beginnings (A big wave hello or goodbye?)
#53 – The Next Wave
#54 – Welcome Fall! (Celebrate the first days of Autumn!)
#55 – Which way to Happyness?
#56 – Looking for Signs (Which do you see first?)
#57 – Are you “Loving Life” in 2015? (Ten weeks left to make it happen!)
#58 – Ten Weeks to Happyness: “Get your priorities straight!”
#59 – Nine Weeks to Happyness: “Don’t dream it…BE IT!”
#60 – Eight Weeks to Happyness: CONNECT! (Dedicated to Jodi Lupo and her beautiful Val.)
#61 – Seven Weeks to Happyness: TAKE ACTION! (What coffee cups and Christmas Trees taught me this week!)
#62 – Six Weeks to Happyness: EXPRESS YOURSELF! (Happyness in Action – with Scott Cuzzo)
#63 – Five Weeks to Happyness: TOYS for…TRUCKS?! (Happyness in Action – with Amy Wood-Oblen)
#64 – Four Weeks to Happyness: RANDOM ACTS of KINDNESS (Happyness in Action – with Kindness for Christopher)
#65 – Three Weeks to Happyness: SPREAD THE WARMTH! (Happyness in Action – with Aubrey McCarrick)
#66 – Two Weeks to Happyness: SPREAD THE LOVE! (Happyness in Action – with Sarah Harmeyer)
#67 – One Week to Happyness: SPREAD HAPPYNESS!
#68 – One Surefire Way to “Love Your Life” in 2016!
#69 – Back to Basics: SMILE!
#70 – Back to Basics: WAVE BIG!
#71 – Back to Basics: Say Hello Like You Mean It!
#72 – Back to Basics: Hey, how ya’ doing?”
#73 – Happy February!  “Have a Rob Church Kinda Day!”
#74 – “I believe in you!” (Encourage someone today!)
#75 – Rough Road? (Take a closer look!)
#76 – Lose someone? Tell me…”What was he/she like?”
#77 – One Year, Six Months: “Ride the Wave!”
#78 – “Forever Young!”
#79 – Hidden Treasures
#80 – To Life! (Happy Spring!)
#81 – Row or Float?
#82 – What color are your memories?
#83 – “All I need is a pair of wheels…”
#84 – What is Your Art? (Dedicated to Phil Hirlemann)
#85 – Mother’s Day is May 8th (Read this before making reservations!)
#86 – “Take care of yourself!” (Especially on Mother’s Day)
#87 – “Keep playing that guitar!” (Don’t let your dreams gather dust!)
#88 – Go Fish! (What’s on your mind?)
#89 – Remember: Keep the “Memorial” in Memorial Day!
#90 – Summer Fun List! (37 random ways to have fun this summer)
#91 – Father’s Day is June 19th! (Read this before you buy another necktie or coffee mug!)
#92 – Watch for Rainbows!
#93 – Live Your Legacy (in memory of Sean Rollnick)
#94 – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of…Happyness!
#95 – Hard at Work?  Stay Cool!
#96 – Sit down and rock a while!
#97 – Start spreading the news!  (The news you want to see!)
#98 – Stop and smell the… (whatever makes you happy!)
#99 – Go Ahead…Reminisce (and Remember Together)
#100 – Just…Breathe.
#101 – Good Company
#102 – The Gift of Time
#103 – No Regrets (What’s in your bucket?)
#104 – 104 Ways to Spread Happyness!

Your Happyness Challenge for the Week Ahead: I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK!  It’s that time when I have to think about the year ahead — and the future of SpreadHappyness.com.  Whether you’re a first-time visitor — or you’ve been with me since the beginning — I’d welcome any input.  What do you like most/least?  What has been most helpful to you/others?  What other content would you like to see?  How can I make SH better/more relevant?  How can SH help spread MORE happyness in the year ahead?  I invite you to respond to me in the way that works best for you: through the comments, on Facebook, or at the email below.  Your perspective is invaluable — and I’d love to know what you think!

Whether I hear from you or not — let me take this moment once again to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have logged on, followed along, shared your thoughts, supported the effort, and above all — who SPREAD HAPPYNESS this past year!!!  Year Two had its own challenges — and once again in the “doing” of this blog, there was direction, and in the direction there was hope: one week at a time!

To life!  To love!  To Happyness!

Grace (aka “Rob’s sister!”)

Spread Happyness — please share your thoughts in the comments!

9/9/16 by Grace Church
© Grace Church

4 thoughts on “Week #104 – 104 Ways to Spread Happyness!

  1. JoAnn

    I love the little boosts after a long work week. I love having a goal for the week ahead. Most of all, I love the happyness that this blog brings me and so many other. Keep it going!

  2. Marlo

    Hi grace. One of the reasons I like your weekly blog is that it is a connection to you. even though you moved when I read the blog I feel like you are right here. Love ya SIL.


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