Week #107 – “How can I help?”


Week #107 – “How can I help?”

Greetings Happyness Tribe — and Happy Friday!

This past month, I’ve witnessed several occasions where people jumped in to help those in need.  A hot meal to someone just home from the hospital, a ride-along on a difficult errand, or financial assistance to a family that needs a little extra peace of mind.

One of the hardest things for most people to do is ask for help.  And it’s not because they don’t need it!  In a crisis, it can be overwhelming just to identify a need…let alone express it, to the right person, then manage logistics, or follow up on expectations.

On the other hand, it’s hard for the rest of us to know exactly what to do when we don’t know what to do!  So most of us say, “I’m here if you need anything” — but the truth is, that puts the burden of asking on the very person we are trying to help. 

But there is a way to head this off — and it doesn’t involve reading minds.


The word “How” opens up possibilities — and it doesn’t leave room for the easiest answer of all: “nothing.”

Your Happyness Challenge for the Week Ahead: “HOW CAN I HELP?”  This week, when you encounter someone you truly want to help, instead of saying “I’m here if you need anything” — look them in the eye and say, “How can I help?”  Sometimes, just knowing that someone is truly willing to help is enough.  Other times, it lets someone know who they can circle back to when they’ve figured it out.  Or maybe, they’ll be able to let you know exactly what they need — and then you’ll know exactly what you can do to help!  😉

A place of need can be a lonely, sometimes shameful, place.  Don’t assume you know — or that they’ll ask.  Try it this week: “HOW CAN I HELP?”

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9/30/16 by Grace Church
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