Week #109 – Send a smile…send mail!


Week #109 – Send a smile…send mail!

Greetings Happyness Tribe!

These past two weeks I’ve been looking at ways to help others in a time of need.

The first was to ask: “How can I help?”

The second was to “Reach out!”

This week, I want to propose something that I am personally very bad at:

Sending mail!

I know, I know…I do it too!  With even the most basic technology there are SO MANY faster ways to connect with someone.  And forget about phone calls and emails…that is so 90’s!  Now we can text, chat, message, comment, reply, tweet, or post!

And that’s only if you still want to use words!

Otherwise you can like, love, gram, snap, pin, or simply emoji your feelings to someone!  You don’t even need the alphabet anymore!

But there is nothing, NOTHING, like walking to the mailbox, opening it, and expecting the usual pile of bills and circulars…only to find a brightly colored envelope with your name in someone else’s familiar handwriting!

It means: someone really thought of you.

He or she spent time formulating a thought, writing something down, looking up your address, finding a stamp, and dropping that envelope in the mail to reach you at an undetermined date — when they won’t have the satisfaction of an immediate response or emotional feedback.

It is a precious, sneaky, fun surprise.  And like I said, I’m really bad at it!  So…

Your Happyness Challenge for the Week Ahead: SEND A SMILE…SEND MAIL!  I’ve had seven thank you notes/cards that have been on my list for MONTHS!  Join me this week in catching up on correspondence — and sending a smile to someone’s mailbox today!

Who do you owe a note or card to?  Don’t tell me…tell them!  😉

Spread Happyness — SEND MAIL!  And share your thoughts in the comments (but only AFTER you put a stamp on it)!

10/14/16 by Grace Church
© Grace Church

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