Week #127 – Winter weather got your down? Prepare to FLY!

Prepare to FLY! (photo credit: Rob’s personal collection)

Week #127 – Winter weather got your down?  Prepare to FLY!

Greetings Tribe — and Happy Friday!

We are halfway through February — and it’s that time of year when winter has lost its luster and our bodies are itching for SPRING!

Unfortunately, there are still quite a few weeks of unpredictable weather patterns ahead.  (And even for us in Los Angeles — we have had record rainfall and uneven temperatures with another storm on the way this weekend.)

So, what to do with those inside days?

Prepare to FLY!

Make a list of all those inside projects you can accomplish during the remaining cold weather weeks…and then tackle them on those days when the weather is uncooperative.  Because you know it and so do I — as soon as those first nice days hit, you’re going to have a whole new list of fun things to do (and I bet you’re going to want to do them outside!).

Here’s a list to get you started.  Please feel free to comment or email me with your favorite “inside” things to do — and I’ll add them to the list!

  1. Take your Christmas Tree down (okay, this one is for me!)
  2. Do your taxes (tax day is coming up in April — and I bet it’s going to be a beautiful weekend!  Don’t let it go until the last minute!)
  3. Spring Cleaning — start your spring cleaning now so that your house is ready when Spring festivities roll around (Easter, Passover, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Prom, etc.)
  4. Declutter — dreaming of participating in that community-wide garage sale weekend?  Start decluttering and pricing items now so that you’re ready to unload when the big day arrives!
  5. Plan Your Garden — this one’s been on my list since last year.  With 14 feet of sunny balcony, I fantasize about what I could grow out there.  Unfortunately, I waited too long last year and everything I planted in June withered and died in the heat of July.  Plan ahead!
  6. Personal Inventory — update your insurance, financial, medical, emergency, and estate planning documents.  This is great peace of mind to you…and those you love.

Your Happyness Challenge for the week ahead: Prepare to FLY!  I know those Northeast winters can feel like they are going to last forever…but Spring is sure to come sooner than you know it!  Get your “inside stuff” done now…so you can enjoy the “outside stuff” as soon as those first nice days roll around!  This one’s for me too…the word “prepare” has been on my mind all week.  My brother was the most prepared person I have ever known…and he still got caught off guard.  Take care of yourself and your family and get this stuff done!  (Me too!)

Spread Happyness…and Prepare to FLY!

2/17/17 by Grace Church
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