Week #131 – Out with the old! (What are you holding on to?)

Week #131 – Out with the old!  (What are you holding on to?)

Greetings, All — and Happy Friday!

While some of you may still be buried in snow, Spring is right around the corner…literally!  The Vernal Equinox will occur this Monday at 6:28 a.m. ET!

Like most people, I’ve been getting a head start on my Spring Cleaning.  Well, it’s really more of an ongoing project.  As many of you know, I hold on to things.  Which means “decluttering” is a routine item on my to-do list.

Since I do have trouble parting with things, I try to make a game out of it.  I gather like items together (Konmari Method) so that I can “see” what I really have.  I count items as I toss them (Clutter Free Method).  I set timers (I can FLY!).  I even made a game out of my cross-country move last year, calling it “The Year of the Purge” and swearing that by this time, next year, I’d be “move-out ready” — surrounded only by things I want, need, and love.

Well, I’m definitely “move-out ready” — because a lot of my stuff is still unpacked!

And in a way, that’s a good thing — because while I do enjoy a good cleaning and decluttering session, I’ve been trying to enjoy my life also.  There’s been a lot of new things to see, do, and experience.  And I want to make sure I don’t miss it!

And so, I am reminded of a post I wrote in April 2015 (Week #27) — I recalled a phrase that Rob used to say to me: “Let the balloon go, Grace.”  He was talking about worry (and sometimes needling me about my stuff) — but it has taken on a new meaning now as I look around at the things I’ve held on to, and the time (either now or later) that it will take to “do something” about it.  Even if that means ultimately just throwing it away.

Do you have things that you are holding on to that might be holding you back?  Is it emotional clutter — like anger, resentment, grief, loss, a mistake, a regret, a secret, or simply a missed opportunity you are punishing yourself over?  Or maybe it’s physical things that are standing in your way?  Or a toxic relationship that is stealing your joy?  

Your Happyness Challenge for the week ahead: OUT WITH THE OLD! What better time than the first days of Spring to open up space for new possibilities?!  This weekend — find a release ritual to help you “let those balloons go” and open your hands to what’s possible.  Here are some ideas:

(But whatever you do PLEASE DO NOT release real balloons into the air…they are only a metaphor!  And otherwise very bad for the environment!)

  • Write it down – then burn it (safely please!), flush it, float it out to sea, send it down a river, sink it in a lake, or bury it in your garden.  Write your NEW intention on a fresh piece of paper and keep it front and center as something for you to build on, rather than something that tears you down.
  • Throw/Give it away – I’ve been decluttering my space and it’s been helpful to keep a tally of how many items I’ve thrown away, and in some instances even take photos of those items (and share them only with the closest of friends or small group).
  • Love it — enough to let it go!  Sometimes the last thing we need to do to release something is to love it, to accept it, to acknowledge its importance, and to be honest about its role in our future.

They say to love something is to set it free.  I remind myself of this over and over as I sometimes grasp too tightly to the memory of my brother, afraid I might lose him forever.  He would never want me to do that.  I know full well I must open my hands so that they are free to do my best work: the work ahead of me.  The work of Happyness!

What “balloons” do you need to let go of this week so that your hands are free to do YOUR best work?

Spread Happyness — “Let those balloons go!”  And share your Release Rituals in the comments!

3/17/17 by Grace Church
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