Week #133 – Feedback & Follow Up!

Week #133 – Feedback & Follow Up!

Greetings Happyness Tribe!

This past week I’ve been reminded several times of the importance of feedback — and follow up.

The first reminder was Monday, when Stephanie L. Jones took the time to share my “Happyness in Action” post about her Giving Challenge to her author page on Facebook (and several other group pages).  More important to me than the share — was her comment that “this was one of (her) favorite interviews!”  Those posts are among my FAVORITE posts to write — and every time I share someone’s story I worry that I’m doing it justice. Her feedback was a real boost to me!  And it certainly Spread Happyness my way!

The second came while sitting with a new industry contact who read some of my work and wanted to offer some advice.  In this world, niceties are plentiful.  There is a saying that “you’ll die from encouragement.”  Most everyone wants to be the good guy, to tell you to keep at it, to follow your dreams…blah blah blah.  It’s much harder to find someone to tell you honestly what you need to do to improve, to strengthen a weakness, or as this person told me lovingly (and in much more colorful words): you’re talented…now step up your game!

The third came on the heels of sad news.  Early last week I asked a small circle of friends back home to pray for a family friend who was losing her battle with cancer.  It’s not something I would normally do (or discuss with you now publicly) but I really felt the urge to enlist help on her behalf.  As I blogged last week, Cindy passed away just a few days later.  After sending the appropriate condolences to those involved — I made a point to circle back with the group to update them and thank them for taking the time to think of her.  It’s important to share news — good and bad — with those who have volunteered to carry a concern with you.

Do you owe someone feedback — or a follow up?  Then this week is for you!

Your Happyness Challenge for the Week Ahead: GIVE FEEDBACK — and FOLLOW UP!  Has someone done you a favor or good turn — if so, follow up and THANK THEM!  Be specific…and let them know what was helpful or made the difference.  Has someone mentored you — inspired you — or helped you solve a problem?  Share the results and celebrate with them!  Has someone asked you for feedback on a problem or idea?  Don’t hold back — risk being honest and tell them what they might need to hear in order to SUCCEED.  And if someone has carried a burden or concern for you, lent an ear, or just sat in the dark and worried with you (or about you) — update them on how you are doing or share the outcome with them.

We are born to learn from and lean on each other — no one can go it alone.

Spread Happyness — give feedback or follow up this week!

3/31/17 by Grace Church
© Grace Church

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