Week #149 – Summer Fun: Make Memories (and share them, too!)

“Childhood Studies”  Photo credit: Andia Wecht (used with permission)

Week #149 – Summer Fun: Make Memories (and share them, too!)

Greetings — and Happy Friday!

I interrupt your Summer Fun to remind you that while you are busy making memories this summer — don’t hesitate to stop and share them!

This week, as I was at my desk reflecting on my recent visit back home — or maybe planning the next one, an image popped up on my Facebook feed.

It was my brother’s face…smiling back at me from over 25 years ago!

A moment captured.  Packed in a box.  Moved how many times.  Resurfaced.  And then posted by a classmate…at this…exact…moment.

I wrote last year, right about this time, of the importance of sharing memories.  There was a lot of nostalgia going around then.  Maybe it was late summer, maybe the recent loss of yet another childhood friend, maybe just parents cleaning out their attics and basements…

…or maybe, I wrote, it simply just feels good to remember good times and good friends.

The classmate who found the picture above shared her thought process with me: she was looking through old family photos and flipped past this one.  Within a few seconds, she went back.  It occurred to her that of all the photos my family had of Rob — we hadn’t seen THIS one.  And that maybe we would like to have it.  So she shared it.

And we are so glad she did!

Because — while it did catch me by surprise and remind me just how much we ALL miss him — it breathed new life into the collective memory that keeps him very much “alive” to us each and every day.

I, myself, have stumbled across and shared old photos.  And it has occurred to me that maybe I should NOT share them.  What if it hurt the person receiving them?  What if it was a bad time?  What if they weren’t thinking of that person right then and there?

And then I remember…you’re ALWAYS thinking of that person.

As I wrote last year, the only thing more wonderful than remembering Rob on my own…is having someone remember him to me!


Your Happyness Challenge for the Week Ahead: Make Memories (and share them too!)  While we continue to make new memories as we count down our Summer Fun Fridays until Labor Day — remember to share the old ones, too!  If you are thinking of someone, let them know.  Summer is a great time for reminiscing!

It’s okay to walk down memory lane once in awhile…there are beautiful people there!

[Special thanks to Andia Wecht for sharing the photo, telling me her story, and granting permission to use both in this post!]

Spread Happyness — share your thoughts, and your favorite memories, in the comments!

7/21/17 by Grace Church
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