Week #152 – Summer Fun: “Take your baby to the carnival…” (…or fair, or farm and horse show!)

“County Fair” (photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #152 – Summer Fun: “Take your baby to the carnival…” (…or fair, or farm and horse show!)

Greetings, All — and Happy Friday!!!

We are counting down the Fridays between now and Labor Day Weekend with some short “Summer Fun” suggestions.  Because —  as I’ve said each week — while many adults are busy planning their kids’ summer fun, they often overlook their own!

So I want to make sure you’re having fun too!

And this week, I am headed to the FAIR!!!

It’s that time of year for county fairs or farm and horse shows.  And no matter how magical Disney may be, or how great an adventure Six Flags is…there is nothing like staying local and taking in your town’s carnival, county fair, or farm and horse show!

And while you’re there, don’t forget to RIDE the RIDES!!!  You can get some scream therapy on a roller coaster, battle it out on bumper cars, let loose on the swings, or laugh yourself silly on the Rock-n-Roll Express.

But if you find yourself saying, “I’ll wait right here…” — take that as a cue to buy yourself a ticket, a token, or a wristband and GET IN LINE!  It’s easy to sit back and watch…but it’s more fun to get over yourself, get in line, and be a kid again!  (Bonus — waiting on line with your spouse/kid/friend/loved-one offers great conversation time.)

James and I will be headed up to Ventura County Fair on Saturday to listen to some music, take a look at the livestock and garden displays, and watch a little bull riding!  We may even get in line for an amusement or two…especially a ride on the Ferris Wheel!

So Spread Happyness this week — and take your baby to the carnival!  🙂

Your Happyness Challenge for the Week Ahead: “Take your baby to the carnival!”  Whether it’s the town carnival, county fair, or your favorite boardwalk…grab the ones you love and head out for a night of fresh air, food trucks, and festivities.  Ride some rides, play some games, walk in circles, and watch the fireworks.  Farm and horse shows also offer educational opportunities, history lessons, and local participation and competition that you won’t find at a corporate theme park.  So get out there…ride some rides, and have some fun at the fair!!!

Spread Happyness — get out to the carnival, fair, or farm and horse show this week!

8/11/17 by Grace Church
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