Week #153 – Summer Fun: Spread Good Words!!!

Rock Hunting (photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #153 – Summer Fun: Spread Good Words!

Greetings, All — and Happy Friday!!!

We are counting down the Fridays between now and Labor Day Weekend with some short “Summer Fun” suggestions.  Because —  as I’ve said each week — while many adults are sure to plan their kids’ summer fun, they often overlook their own!

So I want to make sure you’re having fun too!

And given the events of this past week…that might seem silly or futile.  As I wrote last November…dissension and divide continue to dominate our news.  And it’s leaving many of us wondering what we can possibly do to make a difference in the world.

For two women on my Facebook feed this week…the answer was to spread goodness, one word at a time.

(I’m hoping to feature these ideas in more detail in the coming weeks as part of my Happyness in Action series.  But for now, and especially this week, I am very eager to share!)

TWO GREAT WAYS to spread good words in the week ahead!

1. Rock Painting/Hunting — A friend from home turned me on to this.  I’d been seeing her posting photos of cute little painted rocks — but it wasn’t until this week that I got the bigger picture.  She paints the rocks and then hides them in various locations in her county for other people to find.  This is part of a larger movement called “The Kindness Rocks Project” — which is apparently where it all started.  Chances are, someone in your county or region has a Facebook page set up to post pictures of painted rocks, hints about where they are hidden, and pictures of them being found.  The overall message is one of creativity, connection, and community.  And I cannot think of a better way to Spread Happyness than to plant a secret inspiring message for someone to find!  (And it looks like Michael’s stores will be hosting free rock painting on Saturday, August 19th and 26th as part of The Kindness Rocks Challenge!)

2. Sidewalk Chalking — Another Facebook friend (a mom in California) has been busy decluttering all summer.  Along the way, she discovered a bunch of sidewalk chalk.  Rather than dump it, she opted to write inspirational messages to her kids as they started school this week (California starts early, apparently!) — and she invited other parents in her neighborhood to do the same!  The result — kids on their way to/from school were inundated by messages of love, encouragement, and wise advice as they began a new school year.  This would work great for high school parking lots as well!

What other ways could you spread words of love, encouragement, advice, or support this week?

Your Happyness Challenge for the Week Ahead: Spread Good Words!  Whether it’s painting a rock, chalking a sidewalk, or hiding secret messages in lunch boxes and briefcases — find a way to use your words for good this week!

Spread Happyness — and Spread Good Words this week!  🙂

8/18/17 by Grace Church
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