Week #159 – Not sure what to do? (Reach out and help someone!)

Week #159 – Not sure what to do? (Reach out and help someone!)

Greetings, All — and Happy Friday!

If you’ve felt overwhelmed, insufficient, and distracted lately — I want you to know you are not alone!

The issues that our world is facing right now are intense and varied and coming at us at a rapid pace.  It has been enough to throw the most balanced people I know off balance, the most focused people off course, and caused the most compassionate people I know to throw up their hands.

Frustration is a slippery slope…it leads to bitterness, resentment, and disempowerment.  (In other words, all kinds of un-happyness.)

When the world’s, or the country’s, or even your town’s problems seem beyond your grasp — reach out and grab hold of the hand (or hands) that are within your reach!

  • Our families — while we are busy keeping up with world news on our screens, there may be a person (spouse/kid/parent/sibling/etc.) right in front of us that needs our attention.  LOOK UP!!!
  • Our neighbors — while we debate over how best to help those in affected communities around the globe, there is a neighbor on our street that needs help with the garbage, the lawn, or a ride to an appointment.  LOOK AROUND!
  • Our friends — someone you know and love is probably struggling with a life change, a career challenge, sickness, or crisis.  LOOK THEM UP — and check in on them!
  • Our coworkers — while we’re busy gabbing about the latest news and events in the break room, one of our coworkers may be secretly struggling with something.  LOOK THEM IN THE EYE — and listen to their stories!
  • Our communities — each one of our communities has needs that only we can uniquely address because we live there.  Whether it’s a local school, place of worship, building/association, union/guild, or organization — LOOK AHEAD for the people within our reach who can benefit from our assistance, support, and participation.

Your Happyness Challenge for the Week Ahead: REACH OUT!  The second you are feeling overwhelmed and under-equipped to take on a big problem this week — shift your gaze to the people within arm’s reach!  Leverage your time, talent, and compassion on the people right in front of you.  It will make a tremendous and very real difference to them — and with practice, build confidence in ourselves to take on the bigger problems in the world!

Be the source — Spread Happyness!!!

Spread Happyness — reach out and help someone this week!

9/29/17 by Grace Church
© Grace Church

2 thoughts on “Week #159 – Not sure what to do? (Reach out and help someone!)

  1. Anne

    Grace, you read my mind. After viewing the heartache that is occurring in PR and around the world I felt impotent in my ability to make a difference.

    Mother Teresa said, if you can’t help many..help one. Chris would remind of this whenever I felt frustrated. Maybe I need to help Me. After all, I am worth it. Right?


    1. Grace Church Post author

      Very important to realize that we cannot truly help others unless we can help ourselves first! Good words, Anne!


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