Week #166 – Seven Weeks to Happyness: “It feels like you have forever…you don’t.” (JoCheryl Holcombe)

(JoCheryl Holcombe via Facebook on 11/15/17)

Week #166 – Seven Weeks to Happyness: “It feels like you have forever…you don’t.” (JoCheryl Holcombe)

I’m counting down the last ten Fridays of 2017 — and today, as we head into Thanksgiving Week, I’m simply going to quote JoCheryl Holcombe, who lost EIGHT family members (TEN if you include an unborn child and a close family friend) in the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooting earlier this month on November 5th.

An acquaintance of mine is friends with her and shared her Facebook post from this past Wednesday, November 15th — the day her town gathered together to celebrate the lives of the Holcombe and Hill families that were killed en masse just ten days before.

You can see JoCheryl’s public message on FB here.

I couldn’t possibly add anything to that — except to agree and share it with you.  As you gather together with family this week — if you get along or you don’t get along — remember, it may feel like you have forever.

You don’t.  

(But then again, you do!)

Your Happyness Challenge for the week ahead is this quote from JoCheryl Holcombe:
“So, when you think of those you love and it feels like you have forever, just remember you don’t, but then again, YOU DO! make this life matter, our soul is the only thing we take with us when we are done…it’s worth tending, it’s worth making meaningful deep connections and living each moment in the fullest most meaningful way. BECAUSE everything can change in a holy instant 
(JoCheryl Holcombe via Facebook — 11/15/17)

Spread Happyness — make your moments matter!  

And Have a Happy Thanksgiving Week!

11/17/17 by Grace Church
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