Week #10 – “Gabes and toyds.” (What’s on your wish list?)

(Photo credit: Grace Church)

(Photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #10 – “Gabes and toyds.”  (What’s on your wish list?)

When Rob was in high school he took a childcare study class with his friend, Frank.  It was shortly after Christmas and all the kids were excitedly talking about what they got under the tree.  There was a little boy named Jeffrey who was still developing his speech skills.  When Frank or Rob asked him what he got for Christmas, he replied: “Gabes and toyds.”  (Meaning “games and toys.”)  Well, Rob must’ve loved the way it sounded because he asked Jeffrey the same question over and over again (imagine that!) to which Jeffrey became even more adamant in his reply: “I told du already!  Gabes and toyds, Wob.  Gabes and toyds!”

This little catch phrase — even 20 years later — stuck in Rob’s head.  It became a standard answer any time I asked him what he wanted for Christmas — but more important it was a sweet memory of a simpler time, and a little boy whose greatest desire at Christmastime was fulfilled…with “games and toys.”

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving.  There is always so much to be grateful for — and all the popular advice will tell you to stop wanting and to start counting your blessings.  I disagree.  Be grateful for what you have, yes — but don’t stop wishing for more!  Progress is not born out of satisfaction…it is created in the gap between where you are and where you want to be.  Dissatisfaction is a valuable indicator that there is room to grow, to invent, to imagine, to create something new, or to meet someone else’s need.  Thanksgiving is a great reminder that big problems can give birth to even bigger solutions.  So yes, count your blessings always…but be kind to yourself and acknowledge the areas where you still want for more.  There is great desire there.  Then…go about the business of delivering!

Your assignment for the weekend: as a kid, do you remember going through holiday catalogs and writing down all the things you wanted?  It didn’t make you feel lack…it made you feel excitement and anticipation for what was to come.  For what was possible!  This is the last calm weekend before the holiday craziness begins.  From here on out you will be focused on family and friends and work parties and year-end deadlines.  Take this moment for yourself. Take it NOW.  Write out your own personal wish list for this holiday season…and don’t forget to include some games and toys!  The kids are already working on their holiday lists…why not you, too?!

You can be grateful for what you have and still want for more…progress depends on it!

Spread Happyness — and tell us what’s on your wish list this year!

(Even better…help someone find a way to fulfill their wish!  More on this next week!)

11/21/14 by Grace Church
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9 thoughts on “Week #10 – “Gabes and toyds.” (What’s on your wish list?)

  1. Harvey Cottrell

    This is a heartwarming story. It brought me back to my own childhood. My young brother was hearing impaired and I can hear his little muffled voice in this story. Thank God for my brother he had a surgery that restored his hearing and great speech therapists. Thank you for sharing this piece of Rob with us, and for helping me to remember simpler times. Everyone tells us when we are children how great it will be when we grow up, but few tell us how great it is to be small and childlike. This is always a difficult time of the year for me, my cousin died a few days before Thanksgiving over ten years ago now at the age of 27, from a drug overdose, I think about the loss of his adulthood, the possibility he would have found sobriety and lived a healthy life, but I also think about the days when we were children and I am thankful. Grace we do indeed have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for you, for your witness to your brothers life, and for the inspiration you have given me, in this memorial of sharing his life and spreading happiness.

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Thank you so much, Harvey, for following along and sharing your story! I particularly love this gem: “Everyone tells us when we are children how great it will be when we grow up, but few tell us how great it is to be small and childlike.” Grateful to know you! Happy Thanksgiving Week!

  2. Marlo

    I look forward to the 10 for 10 list……and Madeline has already gone through the toy catalogs and circled what she wants with a big fat sharpie marker…..reminded me of when I would do the same as a kid!…Holidays will not be the same without Rob this year, orr ever, but when I see Maddie’s excitement I can see Rob smiling also.

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Thanks for the reminder of the 10 for 10 lists! That is a great Church Tradition (10 things for $10 – distributed via email on Black Friday). Let’s keep it going this year!

  3. anne wright

    I remember the dreams of childhood. My parents were divorced so…we had 2 Christmases. Yay for us. Chris loved Dolls, Bobby liked Twucks but for me nursing toys. Stethoscope made of plastic and cool toy syringes filled with a substance that when ‘injected’ somehow disappeared. So cool.

    I recall one year receiving a used suitcase. Talk about disappointment. But, that suitcase triggered a desire to travel physically and creatively. Reach for the stars.

    Well, —-years later my list has developed into one of substance and frivolity. I crave for lasting peace for me, my loved ones and this tumultuous world.

    After the peace on my list Is acheived a condo on the ocean, success in my creative endeavors, travel and exploration oh, and let’s not forget my BMW Z4.

    May you all be surrounded and supported by family and friends this season.

    Bless you.

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Thanks for sharing your sweet memories — and your wish list, Anne! Get working on that Z-4…that is one cool toy!!!

  4. Cousin Mary

    Cousin Grace
    So beautifully put. Always be thankful but never stop dreaming. I want to share a quote that goes along with that

    ” there are some who live in a dream world
    And some who face reality,
    And then there are those who turn one into the other”

    So in total agreement with spread happiness always be grateful but never stop wishing or dreaming

    Happy thanksgiving to all
    Cousin Mary

  5. Ted Aanensen

    May your Thanksgiving be filled with love and memories that fill your soul with warmth and joy.
    My best to you and yours


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