Week #15 – Looking Ahead! (Remember the “Why?!” behind your what!)

(Editor’s note: The final count is in!  Two individuals were so inspired by your updates and generosity — they donated over 50 individual toys and games to Toys-for-Tots in Netcong, NJ.  This puts our count at nearly 100 gifts — if not over!  I cannot thank you all enough for your generosity, support, enthusiasm, and encouragement for this first attempt to Spread Happyness in a tangible way through this website.  I look forward to finding more ways to Spread the Wealth in 2015!  WAY TO GO, TEAM HAPPYNESS!  I am so proud of you!!!)

#50 (Photo credit: Grace Church)

#50 (Photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #14 – Looking Ahead! (Remember the “Why?!” behind your what!)

Rob loved what we used to call “Why?!” moments.  Movies like “The Wrestler”, “Titanic”, “Rudy”, and “Platoon” all have them — that point when all hope seems lost.  “Why, Grace…Why?!”  It makes for great entertainment.

But “Why?!” can also be the difference between tragedy and triumph.

Answered with “because…” — it can be a tragic combination.  “Because…” looks BACK at the circumstances and tries to make sense of it, to identify a reason, or maybe even apply a meaning.  “Because…” can be easy, because it sees what is already.

Answered with “so that…” — it can be a recipe for triumph.  “So that…” looks FORWARD to the result of your why, the things you will do or change to reach a NEW conclusion, the meaning you apply AHEAD of time!  “So that…” is hard, because it sees what isn’t — yet!

Your assignment for this week: This is the last post of 2014 — and I know many of you are already looking at your goals, dreams, aspirations, and visions for the new year ahead.  Conventional goal setting guidelines will tell you to be SMART about your WHATs: Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.  I’m asking you to consider being even SMART-ER and putting a WHY behind your WHAT by adding EMOTION and RESULT to the mix!
WHY?  So that I can FEEL            (fill in the blank)                          .
WHY?  So that I can achieve/accomplish/acquire/arrive at/accept            (fill in the blank)            .

Think about where you want to be next year this time…and then ask yourself WHY?!

Spread Happyness — share your WHATs and your WHYs in the comments!

A continued “Happy Heart-mas!” to all…and a SMART-ER New Year, too!

See you in 2015!!!

12/26/14 by Grace Church
© Grace Church

Final 50 for #50 Toy Drive Update  (Thanks to all who donated and supported this drive!)
AS OF 12/26/14:
1. Thomas the Tank Activity Toy was donated at Dollar General in Netcong, NJ.
2. Two Lego sets and a Lincoln Log set were donated at Toys for Tots in Stockholm, NJ.
3. Two Operation Christmas Child boxes, Baby Chicks, a Bible, and money to fund Thanksgiving baskets were donated at various locations near Succasunna, NJ.
4. Two Hallmark Jingle Bell Stuffed Animals will be donated in Flanders, NJ.
5. CLUE game will be donated in Flanders, NJ.
6. Hot Wheels Assortment was donated near Stanhope, NJ.
7. Donation made to EFA (Endometriosis Foundation of America) in Robert’s memory.
8. Barbie VW beetle donated to Community Hope’s SSVF Program (supportive services for veteran families)
9. A baby doll with a pacifier and crib, a doc mc stuffin gift pack, and home made loom bracelets were donated to the Hackettstown Police Department in Hackettstown, NJ.
10. 2 stuffed horses, a Crayola creation set and a remote control car were donated to Toys for Tots in Parsippany, NJ.
11. Four wigs (along with bandanas) were donated to Carol G. Simon Cancer Center in Summit, NJ.
12. Five gifts — Mega Blocks, a play xylophone, a Fisher Price Rock-a-Stack, a baby doll, and a plush puppy dog — were donated for a sweet little girl through Angel Tree in Tampa, FL.
13. A monetary donation was made to Toys for Tots near Flanders, NJ.
14. A donation was made to Mylestone Horse Rescue in Rob’s name.
15. Two very generous donations were made in Hopatcong, NJ: Gift #1 — 2 sweaters, 2 mulitmedia pads, a color wheel, and 126 mulitmedia art set. Gift #2 — tie dye kit, package of white tee shirts, cross stitch kit, crewel kit, soap making kit, nail kit, 2 bottles of nail polish, nail treatment, nail oil, base coat and top coat, and lots of socks!
16. A donation was made in Rob’s memory to Memorial Sloan Kettering.
17. Donations were made at Toys for Tots and Bergen County animal shelter in New Jersey.
18. A donation was made in Rob’s name to Eleventh Hour Animal Rescue.
19. A $50 donation was made in Rob’s name to United Methodist Global Aviation Ministry.
20. Three $50 donations were made to Operation Holiday, Toys for Tots, and Wounded Warriors in Rob’s name, along with over 50+ toy (and food) donations in Netcong, NJ to DOUBLE OUR EFFORTS!!!.


9 thoughts on “Week #15 – Looking Ahead! (Remember the “Why?!” behind your what!)

  1. anne wright

    It is most important “why” is not connected with the word “me”? That combination takes you down a slippery slope in the opposite direction of achieving peace, focus and success. There may never come an answer to the why as in the case of Rob’s death. His desth has stirred others to action is that the reason? Explore the why, make adjustments if required then proceed. Happy New Year…

  2. Gina Buongiorno

    You are a brilliant writer Grace. I love this so much and look forward to a SMART-ER 2015 with all the right “whyyyy” moments!

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Just caught up with this Gina! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for the positive feedback! I love what YOU wrote: “look forward to a SMART-ER 2015 with all the right WHYYY? moments!”

  3. Marlo

    Wow….over 100 gifts, how awesome. rob would be so very proud! I know my what/why for 2015, hope its a better year for us all!

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Thanks for checking in, Marlo! I agree…I think he would be so pleased with that!

      Very best wishes to you and the clan for a very happy 2015!!!

  4. Vickey Finn

    Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you. May 2015 be a happy, healthy and prosperous year for all of us.
    Thanks for the generosity and energy that had been generated by the posts on this site. As we look ahead to the coming year, may I remind everyone that there are many, many in need of winter coats, gloves, hats, scarves, blankets and warm meals. Let’s see if we can keep the “Holiday Giving Spirit” alive all year…as we approach the very cold months of the first quarter of the year and we begin our big “clean up” for the New Year ahead, please donate gently used clothing items to your local shelter, church or community organization. Please remember to drop your change in the animal rescue collection can at the local deli, or add a $1.00 to your order at the grocery store or pet supply location (to feed the hungry both furry and human)
    To quote some lyrics from a song called “An Old City Bar” by Transiberian Orchestra:
    “”If you want to arrange it
    This world, you can change it
    If we could somehow
    Make this Christmas thing last
    By helping a neighbor
    Or even a stranger
    To know who needs help,
    You need only just ask””

    Happy New Year, Peace On Earth and Goodwill Toward Man! Keep Up the GREAT work!
    Please Spread (The Wealth) and Happyness!
    All The Best to All Of You, From All Of Us, Vickey

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Love this, Vickey! Thank you for your post…and the ideas to keep this going! Hmmm…maybe a theme or suggested charity for each month of 2015? Ideas anyone…?


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