Week #19 – “You are worthy!” (Rob and Nina know it…do you?!)

"That's right!"

“That’s right!”  (Photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #19 – “You are worthy!” (Rob and Nina know it…do you?!)

Rob texted me these words in the week before he died…we were discussing possible overnight arrangements if he needed help.  He was telling me how I would get to sleep on these nice clean sheets…for some reason he added: “You are worthy.”

The words kind of haunt me for many reasons…but mainly it struck a chord very deep.  I’ve long admired people who take care of themselves…people who put themselves first, who aren’t afraid to take a day off, to say no, or even treat themselves to nice clean sheets!  It’s one of the many reasons I liked my brother so much…he knew his worth!  (And he knew I didn’t always know mine!)

Somewhere “worth” is defined by comparison “against” another thing.  For years — like most people — I looked outside myself for the assessment of my value.  We each can pick our poisons: achievement, income, zip code, sales numbers, credits, clients, kids, trophies, travels, shoes…and now with social media we have comments, page views, friends, followers, likes, pokes, and tweets!

Compare, compare, compare…and yet Teddy Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy!”  How, then, do we know our worth — and find happiness (or just clean sheets for that matter)?!

Your assignment for the week: FIND YOUR TRUE MEASURING STICKS!  While the most common definition of “worth” leans toward outside measurement — the only true measuring stick is inside YOU!  What are your abilities?  What are you capable of?  Do you value yourself?  Honor yourself?  Keep your promises to yourself?  Live up to your own standards?  Nurture your talents?  Share them with others?  Forget the rest of the world for a moment…how do you measure up to YOU?!

We’re at that point in January — 23 days into the new year — where resolutions are fading.  Do you remember the things you wanted to change/improve/achieve this year?  Don’t let them slip away!  Stand up for yourself!  Pick one thing important to you and follow through!  “You are worthy!”

What do you need to follow through on this week?  Can you encourage or help someone else stay the course or get back on track?

Spread Happyness — and share your thoughts in the comments!  They are worth it!  😉

1/23/15 by Grace Church
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6 thoughts on “Week #19 – “You are worthy!” (Rob and Nina know it…do you?!)

  1. Marlo

    Good one Grace…..it’s hard to find your worth (at least for me) as a mom. I worry more about the things i do for Madeline and if she is happy, does she think im a good mom? Am I worthy of her…..Its hard to think of your worth as an individual when u are worried about your worth as a mom and a wife. So yes, I will try to find my worth as an individual because I dont think I have done that in a very long time. Wow, i feel better already..xoxo
    Miss you Robert Church Jr.

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Thanks, Marlo! I’m glad this spoke to you. Yes — I’m sure as a mom it is hard to even think of yourself as an individual, let alone measure your worth! Thankfully we all knew you WAY before Madeline…so you are always “Marlo Pearson” first and foremost to us! Rob always saw you as an individual — even when Madeline was born! We were all focused on her…Rob took the time to focus on YOU! 😉

  2. anne wright

    Grace, after reading your post I re-read some of our Rob’s text messages to me. In one he began, Hi sweet Ann…no e I will speak with him about that when we meet again. Another spoke of Grace’s visit/care and his appreciation. Sadly, many addressed his declining health and focus on breaking difficulties. I started to weep as I lay here fighting to breath with the knowledge I will get better unlike our Rob.
    Voices from the past from parents can destroy, or wound a child’s sence of worth.
    I have learned I am worthy even if I say ‘no’. Or, if I have a need or desire it is ‘okay’ and ‘essential’ to put myself into the equation.
    We all face situations when someone or something attacks or sense of self. When confronted I now ask myself: How will my actions impact on the other person/situation, what is the impact on me and ultimately what is the desired outcome. These acts have help put me center….Like all of us I am a work in progress. Nap time.

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Thanks for sharing, Anne! So thrilled you are following along. Indeed every breath is a gift…feel better soon!

  3. James Sommers

    Very good post. In short, if we don’t think we’re worthy, no one else will. And yes the end of January is the time when our best intentions for the New Year fades. We — as in myself — have to go back and remind ourselves of our goals and changes we want to make this year and while difficult at times remind ourselves we are worthy.

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Thanks, Jaaaames! Always happy to have your honest and thoughtful comments on the board! This is worth repeating: “If we don’t think we’re worthy, no one else will.” 😉


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