Week #20 – How about “A Breath of Fresh Air”?

Breathing Easy (photo credit: Vickey Finn)

BOFA (photo credit: Vickey Finn)

Week #20 – How about “A Breath of Fresh Air”?

I discovered a message in my “other” in-box last week.  Someone who knew Rob from Ocean Grove tried to find him through Google — and found his obituary instead.  The news was as fresh as it was to so many back in September…and I welcomed the opportunity to chat about him.  As I read the messages coming at me, one phrase in particular stood out: “what a breath of fresh air he was…”

“A breath of fresh air…”  It’s one of those phrases we throw around a lot — but do you ever stop to think about what it really means?  The literal definition is a breath of air (most likely from outside) that isn’t stale or stinky.  Figuratively — it’s a new, innovative, or imaginative approach.  But did you know there is another meaning?  According to American Heritage Dictionary, it also means “a welcome arrival” — replacing the terms “breath of Heaven” or “breath of Spring”.

I found it especially poignant that someone who longed to take just one, long, easy breath — was remembered as a “breath of fresh air.”

Mostly though — it touched a bit of a nerve.  Maybe it’s just that cabin-fevery time of year — but I am suddenly very much aware of areas of staleness in my own life: unpacked boxes, undone to-do’s, and who knows what other unfinished business — all standing in the way of new ideas, new approaches, new arrivals, solutions, or just a clear and happy head (and heart)!

How about you?

Your assignment for the week (and mine): Are there areas of staleness in your life where you need “a breath of fresh air”?

  • Cabin Fever — Maybe just a change of scenery is enough.  One of my fondest memories as a teen was when my parents would treat us to a day trip to the shore in the middle of winter.  We weren’t used to seeing it so barren and vacant.  My brother and I would walk the beach, eat lunch on the sand, and take in some much needed sun and salt air.  Take a ride, take a walk, or take a trip…get out from behind those four walls and see something new!
  • Indecisive, Confused, Blocked — Are you asking the same people for input, feedback, and advice?  Maybe a new perspective is in order — someone else’s!  Seek out those who have achieved what you want, are on that track, or who know something about the topic at hand (maybe even someone who disagrees with you).  Fresh perspectives are the stone that sharpens the sword…seek them out and leverage them to their full effect!
  • Welcome! — Are you rolling out the welcome mat for the right people in your life?  Are they people who lift you up or put you down?  (Maybe you need to put out the “closed” sign instead!)  And what about you?  When you cross someone else’s threshold, are you spreading happyness — or just stale and stinky air?

Get some fresh air this week — and give some in return!  Change your scenery, change your perspective, or change the company you keep.  Happyness in…Happyness out!

Spread Happyness…and share your “fresh air” ideas in the comments!

1/30/15 by Grace Church
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4 thoughts on “Week #20 – How about “A Breath of Fresh Air”?

  1. Jennifer Sutula (marino )

    I had the pleasure of going to school with you (Grace) and also with Rob. I think what you’re doing here is beautiful and meaningful. What an amazing way to honor such a wonderful persons memory. I am currently working on cleaning out the cobwebs and dark corners of my life reevaluating relationships and circumstances and this passage was just what I needed to keep me moving. A tool I like to use is writing a letter to whomever “Needs to go” you don’t need to send It to them just writing it is cathartic.

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Hi Jen! Thank you so much for following along and taking the time to comment! I really appreciate it…and I love your idea of writing letters. As others can attest…writing (journaling, letters to yourself, unsent letters to others, blogging, and even micro-blogging like FB and Twitter) is an amazing way to heal past hurts or spend valuable time with yourself. We are often our very best counsel…if only we will take the time to listen! So glad you are here…your comments are always welcome!


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