Week #21 – Have a “Rob Church Kinda Day!”


Happy Birthday! (Photo credit: Granny Church)

Week #21 – Have a “Rob Church Kinda Day!”

This Wednesday, February 11th is Rob’s birthday.  He would have been 41.  And you know what he would’ve done?

Whatever he damn well pleased!

I’ve celebrated a lot of birthdays alongside my brother…and there are two things I know for sure: He always took the day off from work…and he always did exactly what he wanted to do!  That didn’t always include seeing family, either.  Some birthdays he spent with other people.  Some he spent by himself.  But on that day above all others…he did whatever made him happy.  And that made those of us who knew and loved him happy, too!

For a lot of people, birthdays are a harsh reminder of getting older, losing steam, or giving up on dreams.  Not Rob…last year this time he was running windsprints at the track and told me he felt in the best shape of his life.  Over and over again, he said he was looking forward to his 40’s.

What a kick in the teeth.

Are you still alive?  Still breathing?  Well this week’s assignment is for you (and me too)!

Your challenge for this week: If you could do whatever you damn well pleased…what would it be?  Make a list, start a vision board, or fill a jar with ideas to draw at random.  Then, on Wednesday, February 11th…have a “Rob Church Kinda Day!”  You may not be able to take the entire day off…but set aside time to practice identifying (and doing) something ONLY for you!  Something that makes YOU happy.  Something that lets you hear Rob’s voice — or someone else who you know and love — saying “Good for you!”

With family, work, kids, parents, pets, jobs, PTA, churches, charities, and bills to pay…it’s easy to get lost in doing for others.  If you are waiting for the world to give you permission to take time for yourself…get comfortable!  Take permission instead…and practice doing ONE THING that pleases YOU this week!

Spread Happyness…have a “Rob Church Kinda Day!”  And share your ideas in the comments!

2/6/15 by Grace Church
© Grace Church

6 thoughts on “Week #21 – Have a “Rob Church Kinda Day!”

  1. Anne Wright aka, Ms Sommers

    This picture of Rob is somewhat different than the usual pics. I would love to know what he was thinking…
    Graces, as I respond to your weekly challenges I am forced to journey inward. Even at my ‘youthful’ age there are still areas that require exploration. In many ways Rob and I were polar opposites. Self care meant selfish, at least that was a message delivered to me. Just this week decisions were made by me, about me. I am excited to see where life will take me. Hey, Rob..I think I will go skydiving on my birthday.

    1. Grace Church Post author

      “Hey Ms. Sommers!” He was probably thinking “take the damn picture and cut the cake!” 🙂 Thank you so much for following along and sharing your idea for a “Rob Church Kinda Day!” Your birthday is coming up…better make plans! Rob would always approve of anyone who wanted to FLY!

  2. Jodi Lupo

    “A Rob Church Kinda Day”.. put an instant smile on my face. If anyone knew how live and enjoy life and spread Happyness it was Rob. Happy Birthday Rob! Today I will celebrate by having my own Rob Church Kinda day.

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Happy Wednesday, Jodi! Thanks for posting…and I wish you smiles, happyness, and most important — a Rob Church Kinda Day!!!

  3. Pat Boyd

    So glad your Dad told me about this site. I love what you have done and I’m sure Rob loves it too. Keep spreading the happyness, the world sure needs it.
    Each day I look for things that make feel good, and happy. I believe the key is not to take things so seriously. I wish that I had known Rob better. I believe we had a lot of the same beliefs. Nothing is more important to me than that I feel good, happy because when I am happy I think good, happy thoughts and they just snowball and attract more and more of the same, which, makes every day a good. happy day. Namaste.

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Well hello, Aunt Patsy — and welcome! I’m so thrilled you are here — and I’m happily absorbing the shock of my dad (aka Poppy Church) referring someone to my website! There are so many things that are amazing about that sentence!!!

      Thank you so much for checking in, for taking the time to comment, and for sharing your thoughts! You have known our family for a LONG time…and your comments remind me of a saying a learned a few years ago: The happier you are…the happier you are! It’s not always easy…but it is always an option!

      Thanks for chiming in! I hope to hear more from you!

      (And hello and a wink to Uncle Buddy, too!)


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