Week #31 – “Honoring & Remembering…”

"Honoring & Remembering..." (photo credit: Granny Church)

“Honoring & Remembering…” (photo source: unknown)

Week #31 – “Honoring & Remembering…”  (Who can you 

A former Sunday school friend contacted me last week to let me know she had donated Easter flowers to her church to decorate the sanctuary for Easter Sunday.  She included a photo of the bulletin where Rob’s name was listed — and she wrote to me, “just my way of honoring & remembering your brother this Easter…”

It was one of the most beautiful and reassuring things I’ve received.  I hadn’t asked her to do it or made a plea or mentioned it would be nice — she just remembered him, acted on it, and shared it with me.  It brought me such comfort to know that we are not alone in our remembering…others are remembering too.

We hear the word “remember” a lot…it’s associated with significant world events, with our veterans, with parents or family members, and even with pets.

So, what’s the importance of “Remembering?”

I don’t really have an answer for this one today.  I just know that grief or trauma or loss or tragedy can leave individuals in very lonely places.  To have someone just acknowledge the gap can mean so much.  It has me thinking about ways I can do better…remembering the silent scars of others, celebrating a life, sharing a memory, or contributing to a donation or memorial.  To let someone else know that they are not alone…that I was there.  That I remember, too.

Your assignment for this week: “Honor & Remember” someone or something this week!  Make a donation, plant a tree, buy a booster for your local athletic team or drama club, leave a note, place a stone, or send a card.  Take action in the name of someone or something else…then SpreadHappyness and let someone know about it!  Let someone know they are not alone…that you were there, you saw it, experienced it, and remember it…too!

SpreadHappyness — take action “honoring and remembering” this week!  

(And tell us about it in the comments!)

4/17/15 by Grace Church
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2 thoughts on “Week #31 – “Honoring & Remembering…”

  1. Sue Hill

    I still clearly remember Robbie when he was in my 8th grade class. He was in the doorway coming into the room. I announced that we were having a quiz…. He said, “Awww, c’mon Mrs. Hill.” I can see him, I can hear him, and I gave them the quiz!

    I will donate to my son’s Relay for Life Team – Band Together Against Cancer. They are a relay for life team at Warren Hills Regional High School. Their goal is 10,000 dollars and they are a third of the way there.

    Much happyness. – Sue Hill

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Ms. Hill!!! Love hearing this memory from you! SO specific! I love that you can still hear his voice! (I can too.)

      And I love that this has inspired you to donate to your son’s Relay for Life Team! Please share the link for us!


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