Week #32 – “Where do all the socks go?” (I declare Orphaned Socks Week!)

April 24-30: Orphaned Sock Week!  (photo and socks credit: Grace Church)

Not a match to be found!  (photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #32 – “Where do all the socks go?”  (I declare Orphaned Socks Week!)

I have a confession…I had to wear the same pair of socks two days in a row this week.  And no…it wasn’t because I hadn’t done laundry.  It was because out of over two dozen individual socks…I can only find ONE matching pair!

I buy brightly colored, flourescent, argyle, printed, or polka dot socks for a reason…so that I can find them!  They stand out among the piles of black clothing in my laundry (apparently black is my favorite color)…and I can easily spot them in places they don’t belong (like the underwear drawer, the bed, the car, the refrigerator, or wherever else my socks seem to disappear!)

And yet…still more often than not…I cannot find a matching pair.  It has me recalling a question that Rob asked me jokingly in the week before he died:

“Where do all the socks go?”

Just ten days before his beautiful spirit would leave this earth…Rob was sorting laundry.  He stood in his bedroom matching socks into pairs and folding them neatly (I mean VERY neatly) to put them away.  Holding one little shorty in his hand, with not a mate to be found, he looked at me and asked in a puzzled tone: “Where do all the socks go, Grace?  Where do they go?”

Honestly…I have no idea!

But the bigger question remains…what do we do with the ones left behind?!

Your assignment for this week: I declare Orphaned Socks Week!  Flip-flop season is right around the corner…let’s give those sock orphans one last chance to be the footwear they were meant to be!  If you have orphaned socks in your drawer, I dare you to join me in wearing mismatched pairs this last week of April!  Will anyone notice?  Will anyone care?  Is there some secret to Happyness that lies just beyond the dryer door to where the socks go?!  Post your pictures, tell your stories, share your experiences!

But most of all…SpreadHappyness!  Let your mismatched socks be an introduction, a conversation piece, or a jumping-off point to the age-old question:

“Where do all the socks go?!”

4/24/15 by Grace Church
© Grace Church

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