Week #33 – “Heavy on my mind…” (Who are you thinking of?)


(Photo credit: Grace Church)

(Photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #33 – “Heavy on my mind…” (Who are you thinking of?)

Rob’s always on my mind…but he’s been heavy on my mind this past week.  The last days of April bring up a different kind of anniversary…the first x-rays, the first admittance to Sloan, the first mention of the “C” word.

As we stood in Rob’s hospital room last year this time, we were all in shock.  “This is crazy…” he said more than once in disbelief.  “How can this be?”  Who knew what the next few months would bring…where it would take us…how it would bring us together…or ultimately take him away.

One thing’s for sure…he was on my mind every single day.  And I made sure I took the time to let him know it.

There’s a lot of criticism over our dependence on digital communication these days…but I’ve seen ways that it can help people who otherwise couldn’t possibly stay so connected under intense pressure or circumstances.  A quick little text, a Facebook post, a short email, or even just a voicemail that doesn’t require a call back…these are all ways to let someone know you are thinking of them.  Just thinking of them…period.  Not expecting anything in return.

This week’s assignment: Who’s heavy on your mind?  Take time…right now…to send them these three little words: “Thinking of you.”

That’s it.

Just three little words.

Spread Happyness — and see where this takes you!  Share your thoughts or experiences in the comments!

(And PS: I’m thinking of YOU!)

5/1/15 by Grace Church
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3 thoughts on “Week #33 – “Heavy on my mind…” (Who are you thinking of?)

  1. Marlo

    Thought of Rob the whole time we were in Florida last month, thats where i was when he called to ask me why they wanted to do a ct scan after his chest x ray….all I could think of was OH NO!….and it only got worse. I have his voice messages and text messages saved on my phone, one day I will listen to them but not yet. xoxoxoxo But i’m sure glad I have them!

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Hey Marlo! Thanks so much for your post! You are such a blessing! I love listening to his voicemails…they are so strong and natural and happy. There is nothing like the human voice…it’s irreplaceable. As are you! 😉

    2. Gina

      Oh Marlo, I have them all too. I made the mistake of scrolling through messages just a couple of days ago. I wasn’t ready. It was too soon…


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