Week #37 – “The Power of Love” (What’s on your summer playlist?)

"The Power of Love" (photo credit: Grace Church)

(Photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #37 – “The Power of Love” (What’s on your summer playlist?!)

During one particular summer growing up…a newly released movie called “Back to the Future” featured a little ditty by a guy named Huey Lewis.  “The Power of Love” became a mega-hit that year…and you could hear it playing EVERYWHERE you went.

As an adult, Rob always texted me whenever he heard it.  He called it our “Great Adventure song” because during that particular summer growing up, maybe it was the first summer we ever went to Great Adventure, it seemed to be playing every single time.  (FYI — Great Adventure is what people from New Jersey used to call Six Flags!)

Now…to this day…it carries more than just the memories of a theme park.  Every time I hear it, it’s a reminder of HIM.  HIS memories…the things HE found important…and the times HE cherished.

“Summer” unofficially began this week and I’ve been feeling dark.  I miss him.  We all do.  And the start of another beach season just serves to remind me that he’s really gone.  Last year there was hope.  This year…not so much.

This week I heard The Power of Love playing in a restaurant.  It reminded me of Great Adventure at first — but then it reminded me of him and all the summers we shared together.  All the miles we drove to ride roller coasters and water slides.  Memories that are just as much alive today as they were last year…and will be forever.

A smile crept across my face.  That’s the Power of Love…indeed!

Your assignment for the week: What’s on your summer playlist?  What songs take you back to good times, fun times, happy times?  As a kid, we’d assemble all those songs individually and then record them on a “mix” tape.  (Maybe we’d even give them to someone special!)  Now your phone can do it for you!  With today’s technology we are never far away from happy memories.  Assemble yourself a playlist…and remind your body (and your brain) how it feels to have the time of your life!

Spread Happyness — roll down your windows and blast that music!

(And share your favorite summer songs in the comments!)

5/29/15 by Grace Church
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