Week #39 – “Summa-time is Funna-time!” (Are YOU having FUN yet?!)

"Summa-time is Funna-time!" (Photo credit: Grace Church)

(Photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #39 – “Summa-time is Funna-time!” (Are YOU having FUN yet?!)

Happy Friday, Everyone!  And happy nine-month anniversary to SpreadHappyness.com!

The weather finally turned warm this week!  School’s wrapping up, kids are graduating, and the first official day of summer is just a week or so away!

And if Rob said this to me once, he said it a thousand times: “Summa-time is Funna-time!”

Rob loved nothing more than the warm weather and a day at the beach (or the airport…or the mountains…or wherever it was he wanted to be)!  He set up his whole life to ensure that he was having fun.  And if it wasn’t fun…it didn’t get done!

This isn’t to say that he was irresponsible.  Quite the contrary!  Rob spent a lot of time putting his ducks in a row…so that he was truly free to enjoy himself.  Many mornings we’d talk or text and he’d let me know he was cleaning/shopping/running errands/etc. so that later that day he could get to the shore.  He always took care of business first…so that he could have fun later!

No doubt you, too, have lots of things to do, to see, and to get done.  Maybe you’re even planning things so that your kids/family/friends/coworkers are sure to have fun.

But have you made PLANS for YOU to have FUN?!

You might think that “planning” and “fun” don’t go together…but I think quite the opposite is true.  If we’re honest, I think the thing that holds us back the most is that FUN means risking being foolish.  And that’s hard for us adults!  Most of us have spent our lifetimes to this point getting our ducks in a row and acting like, well, adults!  But maybe now’s the time to take a risk.  Make a fool of yourself!  What have you got to lose?

This week’s assignment: LET’S PLAN SOME FUN THIS SUMMER!!!  The internet is FULL of lists and activities for adults to plan for their children…but are adults taking time to plan fun for themselves?  I think not!  So I’m calling on you, Happyness Tribe, to collectively brainstorm a list of FUN things to do this summer that bring out the kid in you!   Get your friends and family involved!  Have a brainstorming session!  Think about things you liked to do as a kid.  Things you wanted to do as an adult.  Or maybe bucket list items you want to cross off before you die!  Better yet — ask some kids how they plan to have fun this summer!  Either way — silly or serious — get your list in one place and SHARE IT in the comments!  I’ll publish a master list next week with all the ideas — and maybe YOUR idea might just be the one that helps someone else have some much needed FUN this summer!

The best way to teach your kids and others to have fun — is to have fun yourself!

SpreadHappyness — let’s see how many FUN ideas we can assemble in one spot!  Share your ideas — and let’s make sure “Summa-time is Funna-time” for everyone!

6/12/15 by Grace Church
© Grace Church

2 thoughts on “Week #39 – “Summa-time is Funna-time!” (Are YOU having FUN yet?!)

  1. Jennifer Kittredge

    I want to buy the book “one tank trips” for Florida and do some of the things in there! There is so much I haven’t seen in my state….

    Also, going to surprise my hubbs in August with a trip to the Keys.

    Kayaking in Crystal River to see Manatees.
    Beach time 🙂 (my favorite)
    BBQ’s with family
    Mount Dora
    St. Augustine trip Love this historic town.
    Bubble Soccer (with the kids, should be interesting)

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Thanks for kicking this off, Jennifer! It’s especially fun coming from you — because you were one of the very first to play together! The gauntlet is thrown…who is next?! (And let’s add a BIG ROCK REUNION to the list!)

      PS: I love the idea of “One Tank Trips!” I agree…there is so much to see and explore within 150-300 miles of any one point. This is a great idea!


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