Week #54 – Welcome Fall! (Celebrate the first days of Autumn!)

"Welcome Fall!" (photo credit: Grace Church)

“Welcome Fall!” (photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #54 – Welcome Fall!!! (Celebrate the first days of Autumn!)

Greetings Happyness Tribe — and Welcome to Week #54!

For many weeks now, we have focused on Spreading Happyness to others.  This week — as we kick off a new season — I want to remember that Happyness starts with ourselves!  This weekend — I challenge you to take stock and regain your balance for the 13 weeks ahead!

This past Wednesday at 4:22 a.m. ET marked the Autumnal Equinox — the exact moment when the sun shines equally on both sides of the Equator.  The word itself means “equal night” — as these days are marked by equal parts sunlight and darkness.

And — for the moment — perfect balance.


I don’t know about you…but Summer always leaves me feeling a little unhinged.  Long days, lots of sun, an abundance of visitors, activities, and things to do.  Couple that with the added pressure in the Northeast to “get out and enjoy it”…and summer can feel like a mad rush to some finish line that ends three weeks early on Labor Day weekend.

Thankfully, we’re all smart enough to know that Summer doesn’t “really” end until September 21st — and many of us have been able to get out and enjoy the additional three weeks of beautiful weather we’ve been having!

But as the air turns a little cooler, the wind picks up, and maybe those boots and sweaters are starting to look pretty good — the Autumnal Equinox gives us the perfect opportunity to step back, take stock, and re-balance.

If Autumn is creeping up on you, don’t fight it — WELCOME IT!

Your challenge for this weekend: CELEBRATE THE FIRST DAYS OF AUTUMN!  Welcome this season of harvest, storage, and preparation by turning inward: take stock in yourself, make room for only what’s necessary, and set a goal or direction for the next three months of your life.  The Winter Solstice is exactly 13 weeks away!  Don’t wait until December to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions and goals…START NOW!  Use the Fall Season as a runway into 2016.  13 weeks is going to pass one way or another…how do you want to spend this season?!

Some ideas:

  1. DECORATE — this is the easiest way to mark the change of seasons.  Don’t wait for the leaves to turn or for Halloween decorations to appear…get out your scarecrows and pumpkins now and give yourself a visual cue that a new season has arrived.  WELCOME IT!
  2. CLEAN — there is a lot of talk of “Spring” cleaning at the Vernal Equinox — but Fall has it’s own cleaning and decluttering rituals too.  As we turn our focus inward to our homes — it makes sense that we would declutter and clean in preparation for the indoor months ahead.  Use this time to get rid of things you no longer need — and make room for the things that will sustain and nurture you through the dark and cold of winter.  WELCOME IT!
  3. SET NEW GOALS — Just like cleaning and decluttering makes room in our homes, cleaning and decluttering of the mind makes room in our psyche.  Every thirteen weeks we are given the opportunity to start a “new season.”  Start this Fall with a little quiet time to consider what you’d like to accomplish by the END of the year, what obligations or habits you need to shed to make that possible, and what new resources you may need to help you get there!  WELCOME IT!

At the very least — set aside time this weekend to think about what you need to feel happy in the 13 weeks ahead.

Remember — it takes a happy person to Spread Happyness!

Spread Happyness — share your favorite Autumn rituals and activities in the comments!

9/25/15 by Grace Church
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2 thoughts on “Week #54 – Welcome Fall! (Celebrate the first days of Autumn!)

  1. Gina

    Yes, yes, and YES! This is exactly what I’ve been doing this week.

    I have about a year’s worth of catching up to do and it all seemed really overwhelming. So, I’ve started small, and in the area that most affects me….my bedroom. Because there is a peace I always feel when the bedroom is organized and shiny. I do only a little at a time (a lesson Rob drilled into me) and do the easy and essential stuff I can accomplish in that moment. If I can’t complete it then, I add it to my list. Example, going through my closet I find a bag that needs to be taken for repair. That goes on the list, and the bag is neatly placed back in it’s proper place (rather than thrown on the floor where it is all too often found!). As I finish one section, I spread out. And as I spread out over time, I make sure to keep the maintenance cleaning going. And in no time, things are clean, organized, and I have comprehensive list of (non-essential) things to do. By next week I should be able to start adding in some seasonal decor and light the seasonal candles!

    Now, as for goals, I have a pretty big one to focus on and complete before the end of the year. 🙂 But as I’m thinking about this, I shouldn’t limit myself to one that I have to do and find a fun one too. Stay tuned…

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Love this, G! You are the Queen of Closets! (The Closet Queen?!) I know you helped me with mine…more than once! 😉

      Get rid of those low-self-esteem pants, people! Pick a spot — and START TODAY!


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