Week #56 – Looking for Signs (Which do you see first?)

"Which do you see first?" (photo credit: Grace Church)

“Which do you see first?” (photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #56 – Looking for Signs (Which do you see first?)

I took this photo last week on a beachy road in Santa Barbara.  It was a profound moment.

Which sign do you see first?

As I wrote last week, my trip to LA started off a little rough.  There were times when I wished I could go back home, back to my routine, back to where I knew what to do, when to do it, and how to make people happy.

I’ve been there before…caught in the cul de sac of doing what others want, what they need, what they approve and like you for (because the people who love you, will love you anyway!).

And you know what?  It wasn’t a cul de sac.

It was a dead end.  And I knew it all along.

But it was my own fault…because I never looked for an alternate route!  I thought the dead-end meant turning around and going BACKWARD.  Starting again.  It took me years — and more recently again, the loss of my brother — to realize that LIFE was calling me to move forward.  To take some risks.  To get out of the safety of my “vehicle” and find another way!

The Crossing!

Do you see it?  Do you see the Crossing sign indicating another route?  Moving forward just requires a different vision.  Maybe a different set of tools.  One step forward…then another.  Cautious…of course!  The sign itself indicates some danger…but it still beacons: there is another side.  Another way.  Another world to explore…if you just do two things:

  1. Accept that, in one sense, it is a dead-end.  Plowing forward, business-as-usual, would result in an obvious disaster.  And the harm would only come to you.  The dead-endedness of the road will remain ever the same.  Identify it.  Accept it.  And then…
  2. Open your eyes.  You don’t have to abandon your destination…just find another way!  You may have to leave the comfort and safety of your vehicle.  You may have to proceed with some caution.  It may take some time, some courage, and even a few attempts that fail…but you are not shut out.  There is another way.  FIND IT!

This week’s challenge: Dead End or Crossing?!  As you move through your week, play a little game with yourself (or your friends who may need it).  When facing a challenging situation — ask yourself if it’s a dead-end or a crossing?  If it’s a dead-end — if it’s truly going nowhere — ask yourself if it’s time to turn around and find another road to travel.  If it’s a crossing — if there’s something on the other side that’s worth exploring — ask yourself where it’s going, what you’re truly after, and what you need to do to take those first courageous steps.

Bonus challenge: THEN DO IT!

Spread Happyness — share your thoughts, support others, and look for signs this week!

10/9/15 by Grace Church
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