Week #59 – Nine Weeks to Happyness: Don’t dream it…BE IT! (Go get your wings!)

Flight Suit (Photo Credit: Grace Church)

Week 7: Flight Suit (Photo Credit: Grace Church)

Week #59 – Nine Weeks to Happyness: Don’t dream it…BE IT!  (Go get your wings!)

This is a re-post from Week #7 because it’s worth repeating.  (You can find the original here!)  Our Ten Weeks to Happyness is underway.  Last week, we separated the “Must Haves” from the “Nice to Haves”, etc. — and challenged ourselves to take that first action this past week.

This is where the rubber meets the road.  This is the difference between “pretending” and “planning.”  Read on:

For Rob’s wake, a work friend of mine (who didn’t even know Rob) drove nearly two hours to attend his viewing.  While Jim H. waited patiently on line he saw the photos of the planes, Rob’s pilot log, his flight suit — and on the word board he wrote: “He’s finally got his wings!”

Jim is an artist…a sensitive soul who sees poetry in most people.  His comment is a poignant metaphor…and poetic completion of Rob’s long held desire to BE a pilot.  And Rob didn’t just dream about it…he pursued it every way he could.  He spent time at airports, around planes, talking shop with pilots, logging hours, and enduring long hot summer days on the tarmac at airshows.  I will never really know what it meant to a boy who never traveled very far from home to be miles high in the air with nothing but a propeller to keep him going!  But it made him happy…and he planned around it…and that was enough for me to believe he could be it!

Are you making pretend…or making plans?

Halloween is a day for pretending…pretending to be fierce or funny, scary or sexy.  To masquerade our secret selves…or maybe even disguise our real ones.  But look closer: is there more to your costume than an attempt to collect candy or win an award?  Is there a dream or desire behind that mask that represents a calling to BE something more in your every day life?

Your Happyness Challenge for the week ahead:  I’ll ask you again…if your “costume” became your clothing on November 1st and beyond…what would you pick?  What props or clues, habits or traits would you need to let people know…this is who I am, this is who I was meant to BE.  Then ask yourself…what is the ONE NEXT THING you need to do to go from pretending to planning?  Write it down — and DO IT this weekend.  Don’t pretend…MAKE PLANS!  Go get your wings!

To quote Dr. Frankenfurter’s sweet refrain from Rocky Horror: “Don’t dream it…BE IT!”

Spread Happyness — share your dream, your plans, and your support of others in the comments!

10/30/15 by Grace Church
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