Week #74 – “I believe in you!” (Encourage someone today!)

Used with permission. (Scott Cuzzo / SpryMind)

Used with permission. (Scott Cuzzo/SpryMind)

Week #74 – “I believe in you!” (Encourage someone today!)

Greetings Tribe — and Happy Friday!

I hope you all enjoyed a “Rob Church Kinda Day” yesterday!

As some of you know, Spread Happyness was featured in a coloring book recently!  I interviewed Scott Cuzzo of SpryMind back in November as part of my “Happyness in Action” series.  Scott spreads happiness by creating coloring books that are good for adults of all ages and genders.  His most recent release, “Believe!”, features over two-dozen positive quotes and thoughts on the word “Believe” — including one from yours truly!

I’ve been traveling this month — and away from home and work routines.  Stripped of the things that keep me focused, busy, on purpose, and pleasantly distracted — I’m left with an abundance of time to be out in the world, and honestly, it just makes me miss Rob more!

It’s enough to make me want to get back on a plane and head home — sometimes!

But I make myself stay…reminded as I was in October that if I can sit with it long enough, there is presence in the absence.  That in every new experience, every painful reminder that he is gone for good, when I cannot text him or call, cannot share the latest laugh or ridiculousness or Super Bowl commentary — that my relationship with him somehow continues to grow.

It is a rock and a hard place.  Which reminds me of the coloring page that Scott drew for my quote, and my own interpretation of his drawing.  To me it’s a rock — buried in a pile of other rocks — perhaps looking for a way out, or a way to the top, or encouraging another rock to do what seems impossible: BELIEVE!

Your Happyness Challenge for the Week Ahead: BELIEVE IN SOMEONE!!!  Rob loved to encourage people.  Even if he didn’t always believe in himself — he always took time to believe in others!  If you know someone who’s between a rock and a hard place — take time to say “I believe in you!”  Send them a note, share this page, or sit down and color with them while they sort it all out!

And if it’s you that’s feeling discouraged this week…then this post is for you!  “I believe in you!”

Spread Happyness…Encourage someone today!  And share your stories in the comments!

2/12/16 by Grace Church
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(To learn more about Scott Cuzzo: visit him on Facebook (facebook.com/sprymind), browse his coloring books on Amazon, or contact him directly at scott@sprymind.com.)

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