Week #79 – Hidden Treasures

Wave Running (photo credit: DS)

Hidden Treasure (photo credit: DS)

Greetings Tribe — and Happy Friday!

As many of you know, we are en route to Los Angeles!  This week’s post comes to you from The Music City — Nashville, TN!

There is something very humbling about packing everything you own into one vehicle and hauling it 2,800 miles across the country.  It’s been a reckoning of sorts — coming to grips with the amount of stuff I hold on to, cling to, and surround myself with.

And I want to keep it all!

Every item has a story.  The story is the memory.  The memory is the treasure.  But as my partner, Jim, pointed out — if everything is precious, then nothing is precious.

Still, I wanted to bring it all with me…and believe me, if I had another 15-feet of truck, I might have done just that!

But when faced with the limits of a 15-foot truck and just so many square feet of floor space at our new location (no more storage) — I found myself finally giving in to throwing something out or donating something I might still want, simply because I just couldn’t hold on to it any longer.

There’s something about limits that helps you focus on what’s important.

As my awareness of what was worth those precious square feet of truck and apartment sharpened — so did my resolve to unload a few more items here and there.  And then a funny thing happened: as I started sorting — hidden treasures started to appear!

The keepers became very obvious — like this photo!  I knew I had a picture of Rob on the jet skis.  I had looked for it many times — but couldn’t find it.  It was one of my favorites — and it’s been hidden in a storage box for 8 years!

Now I can share it with you!

Your Happyness Challenge for the Week Ahead: Find your hidden treasures!  Remember, if everything is precious, then nothing is precious.  Are your precious things tucked away — or are they on display?  If the item has a story, and the story is a memory, then the memory is the treasure. Don’t hide it away — put it on display, and share your memories with others!

Spread Happyness — and share your hidden treasures today!

3/18/16 by Grace Church
© Grace Church


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