Week #6 – “Pure Energy!” (Are you an outlet — or a plug?)

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Week #6 – “Pure Energy!” (Are you an outlet — or a plug?)

As the weeks roll by I continue to hear story after story about how Rob influenced, affected, touched, or otherwise blessed one individual after another. When you hear all these stories at once, you wonder how one individual could spend that much time with other people — in addition to a full time job, various personal interests, and logging 50,000 miles on his car in a year!

Rob was indeed full of pure energy. As a result, he was an outlet to most people who crossed his path — they could come to him, plug in, and get happiness. But was it a gift — or a choice? Certainly Rob was blessed with an outgoing personality.  But he also did things in his life that assured he’d have plenty of time and energy to fill himself up and fuel his own interests. He chose to eat well, exercise, sleep, drink water, say no to things he didn’t want to do, step away from unnecessary drama and distractions, and make room only for the things that lit him up. I believe that because he tended to himself FIRST — he had plenty of time/attention/love/encouragement/and insane goofiness to share with everyone he met. (Dogs, cats, parrots, snakes, butterflies and armadillos included!)

We’ve talked a lot about how to SPREAD HAPPYNESS over the last few weeks…so tell me, how are you doing?  Are you becoming an outlet of “pure energy” that others can plug into — or do you still find yourself looking to others to fill you up?

Your assignment for this weekend: Brainstorm a quick list of things you can do to fill yourself up FIRST — then pick ONE and follow through for yourself TODAY.  Don’t be a plug!  Charge yourself up first, then get out there and let your PURE ENERGY light someone else’s day!

What did you come up with?  SPREAD HAPPYNESS — and share your success stories here!

10/24/14 by Grace Church
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4 thoughts on “Week #6 – “Pure Energy!” (Are you an outlet — or a plug?)

    1. Grace Church Post author

      You were an outlet for Rob! He loved watching football with you guys and spending time on your sleepy couch! In fact, your home is always open and ready for visitors…that is a power source for sure!

  1. James Sommers

    When you’re on a plane the flight attendant says put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others. That’s not selfish and might save your life. If you try to assist someone else before putting on your own mask you both may wind up dead.

    The same is true for life.

    Want to help others? Take care of your own needs first. That’s not selfish , that’s emotionally intelligent. Rob took care of himself and that enabled him to give to others (when he wanted to!)

    As for me if I’m over-tired, sick, cranky, hungry, etc I’m no use to anyone. So I try to get my mind, body and spirt lined up FIRST.

    That’s not an excuse to be snappy or rude if I’m not in a good place. However it’s much easier when I put my “oxygen mask” on first to spread Happyness!


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