Week #9 – Who’s ready for some “Strange Magic”?

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Hmm…. (photo credit: Grace Church)

Week # 9 – Who’s ready for some “Strange Magic”?

Rob’s hairstylist, Jodi, contacted me this week to let me know that she was remembering and missing Rob.  She shared some stories about his visits to the salon…and then she mentioned that the song “Strange Magic” by ELO always reminded her of him.  In fact, she said, it came on as she was heading to his services in September.  Hmmm…has anything like that ever happened to you?!

This story came to me on the heels of seeing the movie Interstellar…and of ruminating on my word study for this week: CONNECTION.  One of the underlying themes of the movie (no spoilers here) is human love.  One scientist argues that it’s simply a physiological urge to assure safety and reproduction of the species.  Another wonders why then, after those needs are fulfilled — or even after a death — do we continue to love?  What then is it’s purpose?

Jodi’s message was dogging me…what is it about “Strange Magic”?  And then it occurred to me…CONNECTION!  Jodi hears that song, thinks of Rob, and is instantly transported back to whatever place and time that song represents for her.  For me, Dire Straits’ “Walk of Life” always took us back to our neighbor’s pool where we played as kids…and was the first song I heard when I started Rob’s car on September 5th!  For you it may be something else…maybe for someone else.  A place, a song, a certain word or food — these connect us to people, places, and events far beyond our present time/space reality.  Little reminders deliver BIG connection across the cosmos — through love.  Perhaps that is what gives us our fifth dimension — and a glimpse into eternity!  Phew!!!  Strange magic indeed!

So…your assignment for this weekend: Over the next 72 hours something is going to transport you from the present moment to another space and time.  You are going to feel the love of another person, even though they may not be anywhere near you (or even on this earth).  Use this opportunity to CONNECT with that individual.  Send an email or text, make a phone call or reach out to let them know you are thinking of them.  (If they are gone — talk to them out loud, write a letter, or share a story about them with someone else.)  Let it transport you.  And in that amorphous space between here and “there” — see if you can experience some “Strange Magic” all your own!

Spread Happyness — CONNECT!  And tell us about your experiences in the comments!

11/14/14 by Grace Church
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(Editor’s note:  Just want to offer Tweet-Tweets, Yoo-hoos, Alohas, Hellos, and How-are-yas to all of you who have let me know you are reading the blog each week!  It means so much to know Rob’s spirit is alive in your life!  Thank you so much for following along and sharing this with others…and if this is your first visit, WELCOME!  We are so glad you are here!)




15 thoughts on “Week #9 – Who’s ready for some “Strange Magic”?

  1. Marlo

    Grace, I have been feeling so disconnected from Rob (for obvious reasons) but also because I have not felt his presence since he died. As I was folding socks this morning I started to sing a somg …u guessed it, Strange Magic…..It is not a song I have ever thought of before, and I promise u I am telling the truth. So when I just logged on to read your blog and saw the title I felt a blast of warmness and a feeling that Rob was here with me. I know it sounds crazy, but why that song this morning…i sang it while folding socks and while vaccuming…..I feel so much better now and I feel that it was my connection to Rob!

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Marlo! Thank you so much for sharing this — I know you are connected, so I totally believe you! Especially because you were folding socks and vaccuming! Both very “Rob” related activities! Love this…he is with us always! XOXO

  2. Cindy Tedesco

    I love how taste memories can also hold strange magic within them and take us back in time! My grandparents on my mom’s side always jarred their own homemade bread and butter pickles. To this day, even if I eat a store bought bread and butter pickle, those unique flavors transport me back in time to being in my grandparent’s kitchen. The sense memories are strong strange magic and they are filled with so much love! Sometimes I will be transported back to a time spent with them as a small child… often other times I feel the strange magical taste memory bring them to me in the present which is super special too.

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Food memories are the best, Cindy! The smell of spaghetti and meatballs still takes me back to my parent’s house — usually in the summer — steamy kitchen, with the windows open, fresh lettuce being cut up for salad, and a chlorine hangover from spending the day in my neighbor’s pool. PRECIOUS!

  3. Vickey Finn

    Happy Friday to all of our Spreadhappyness Family!
    We woke up to a BEAUTIFUL snowfall this morning..it was so pretty…hopefully it will melt quickly!!! 
    Grace, this comment is for you! I am reaching out …I heard More Than a Feeling on my way to work this AM and IMMEDIATELY thought of you…Whenever I hear Boston “More than a Feeling”…I go back to a beautiful summer day, my Red Ford Mustang (with the sunroof open and the windows down) our hair flying around in the breeze…on our way to the tennis courts and the pool, during our awesome vacation week that we had. (getting as much sun as we can during prime tanning hours) It happens every time…no exception. I am in my 20’s again…(and you are??? I can’t even remember if you were driving yet or not!.) Those days were really great! Some of the best days of my life-thank you baby sister! 🙂

    This subject matter discussed today really resonates with me. So often I hear music that immediately takes me somewhere happy or causes me to pause and think of someone … and many times I will text or email and let them know that they crossed my mind … I truly believe many times it is the universe’s way of connecting us with someone we need to “speak” with. So many songs are connected with particular moments in time.

    So, everyone…take time to listen to the music and let it take you somewhere special…even if it’s only for the brief 3.5 minutes…and reach out to someone that it reminds you of…and wave and smile and say HELLO – like you mean it!  Enjoy The Moment – It IS NOT a renewable resource.

    1. Grace Church Post author

      “Enjoy the moment — it is not a renewable resource.” Brilliant, Vickey!

      And yes — Boston will always bring me back to your red Ford Mustang! (Hard to believe that my hair “flew around” at one point in my life!) Thanks so much for this wonderful contribution — and memory! And thank YOU — to my favorite sister EVER! 😉

  4. Cousin Mary

    cousin Grace
    How true! Music touches the soul like nothing else. It can make you laugh, cry,
    Feel love, and every other emotion.

    With your family, every time I hear a kiss song I think of Tony and family bbq at my moms house,your brother loved kiss so much.

    And every time I see a black olive, it reminds me of Vicky and I eating them of four fingers!

    Sending mad love to all
    Cousin Mary

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Ah…the black olive story! Love it! And KISS is definitely a staple…even Granny likes a little Detroit Rock City now and then! Thanks for following along, Mary — and contributing your thoughts! XOXOXO

    2. Vickey Finn

      Hi Cousin Mary!!!! I remember the black olives and SO MANY good times at those barbecues and beyond.
      Just recently I was at the salad bar in our cafeteria and there was a bin of pitted black olives…I told my friend how one of my favorite family memories was of me and my cousin Mary eating them under that big tree at my Aunt’s house. So funny the things that are just etched in stone in our minds!
      What a wonderful memory….PS. OF COURSE (once I put them in my salad) I had to put them on my finger tips…). Some things just never change… (and it’s just not the same with the green olives!).
      Love to you and yours from me and mine! Cousin Vickey!

  5. Gina Buongiorno

    Music, food, a scent, a feeling…sometimes a tangible item. All can take me to another place, another time and another person. These past several weeks have had me all over my historical spectrum. Being back in the fold with my other family (and so happy I am!) has reminded me of a lifetime of wonderful memories.

    The day Rob died I attempted to go to work because I had just started a new job that very week but turned around to come back home because, well, way too much sobbing. As I waited for my sweetheart to get home, I sat in my house thinking….I can’t live here anymore. For those who may be reading this and not understand why, Rob and I bought this house together years ago. We split after a few years but remained very good friends. I’d even say best friends. I never felt the house reminded me of him much or maybe I just didn’t pay attention because I was in the midst of an exciting new chapter in my life and was busy making it all my own. But as I sat there just hours after he left us it seemed like EVERYTHING reminded me of him and I just wasn’t sure I could handle it. Ten weeks have passed. Now I don’t think I could ever sell this place because I truly feel Rob’s presence is here so much of the time and my sweetheart and I kind of like having our friend around.

    Vickey, your words are brilliant and wise. Grace, you are amazing. Marlo, I know Rob is with you. Cindy, I also think of my Granny when I eat bread and butter pickles. And Anne, definitely eat the Mallowmar.
    Love to you all!

  6. Liz Nocera-Vegas

    I met Rob as an ICMS Case Manager at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital around 5 years ago. Rob walked up to me in the hallway, extended his hand to shake mine and said “Hi I’m Rob Church” we were friends ever since. I lost a brother to cancer almost 14 years ago, he was only 49yrs. old and a smart, vibrant man like Rob. I remember after his funeral, the first day I was alone the song I Believe, by Diamond Rio came on and played every day for weeks. The song is about “there are more then angels watching over us.” How true! My brother showed me so many other beautiful signs that he was still around me. The day I received a phone call from Rob’s companion Rene, that he had passed I pulled over in a parking lot and sobbed. When I regained my composure the song on the Christian radio station, I was listening to played “Live like your dying.” Thanks Rob! I heard the song weeks later when Jodi (ironically my hair stylist too! but didn’t know this until his wake) called to tell me about Grace’s website. Yes, there are more then angels watching over us!

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Hi Liz! Thank you so much for reading the blog and taking the time to post your comment. I love the many connections you mention in this post. I’m so thrilled Jodi shared this with you. We will be here every week to give you a friendly dose of Rob — and I will always think of you when I hear “Live like you’re dying.” Thank you!


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