Week #164 – Nine Weeks to Happyness: Vote “YES” to Happyness!


Week #164 – Nine Weeks to Happyness: Vote “YES” to Happyness!

I’m counting down the last ten Fridays of 2017 — and here we are coming up on another Election Week!

So I thought I’d repeat last year’s post, because while some decisions come around only once every year (or four years) — there are hundreds (if not thousands) of little decisions that shape us every day!

This Tuesday, November 7th, people all across the country will cast votes once again — this time for Governors, Mayors, School Boards, and local representatives.

Perhaps you’ve supported some of these candidates, debated these choices, or stood up against the ones you don’t believe in.

Can you think of any other decisions you’ve given that much time to?  Or how many “votes” you’ve cast within that time — for or against all kinds of decisions in your own life?

A quick internet search returns multiple sources quoting that people make up to 35,000 decisions every day…from when exactly to get out of bed to when to call it quits for the day.  Some sources say that we make over 200 decisions about food alone!

Each decision is a silent vote:
– YES – I will get out of bed.
– NO – I will not hit the snooze bar again.
– YES – I will floss.
– NO – I will not pick at that blemish.
– YES – I will weigh myself.
– NO – I will not check Facebook before I shower.

The list goes on…and it’s easy to see how we can amass THOUSANDS of little decisions in a short time.

Some of these decisions are quite easy — because we’ve already made bigger, pre-set decisions about them so they fall neatly in line:
– YES – I will go to work and be on time
(therefore, I will get up and out of bed and hit the shower immediately).
– YES – I will take care of my physical health (therefore, I will floss every day, leave my face alone, and weigh myself daily).

When you “vote” early and often for the things you truly want in life — temptations, like really wanting to stay in bed, become small and insignificant compared to the big goals of providing for your family, succeeding in your career, or living a happy and productive life.

Your Happyness Challenge for the week ahead: Vote “YES” to Happyness!  While some decisions only come around once every year (or four years) — there are hundreds (if not thousands) of little decisions that make up EVERY SINGLE DAY of your life.  Add those up — and you have millions of little decisions that shape the course of your entire lifetime.  So what do you say?  Yay or Nay?

Vote “YES” to Happyness — one precious moment at a time!

Spread Happyness — and share your thoughts!  How do you say “YES” to Happyness?

11/3/17 by Grace Church
© Grace Church

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