Week #18 – “Roll Me Away!” (What’s your escape song?)

Week #18 – “Roll Me Away!” (What’s your escape song?)

The winter doldrums are setting in…the holidays are over, and we’ve got a long six weeks until March 1st, let alone the official start of Spring.  I can feel it everywhere…everyone wants to escape!

Snowbirds are flying south…resort season is in full swing…summer rental signs are going up…and the B&B’s in town are starting to book for the season.  Even Mother Nature is showing her intent…on Sunday I noticed the trees on Main Street are budding…which got me thinking my usual first-sign-that-spring-is-just-around-the-corner-thought: I really want a motorcycle this year!

My brother introduced me to the song “Roll Me Away” by Bob Seger.  I don’t remember when or why that song specifically came up…but after I got my motorcycle license and we drove around a bit together, I understood why he loved it so much.  Nothing felt so free as riding a bike!  And that song captures that longing for freedom perfectly.

Try as we might…we can’t be perfectly happy all the time.  Longing is a part of the human condition…it’s what keeps us dreaming, keeps us envisioning, keeps us journeying to find out what’s beyond that next bend in the road…and then over those hills…and then out further along that plain…

Your assignment for this week: When you come across something you “aren’t happy about” — don’t just settle for unhappiness!  Identify the longing…and use it to get focused on what you want.  Then, get a theme song to inspire you!  When I was leaving my corporate job, I listened to Boston’s “Don’t Look Back” every single day on my way to work to remind me that my future was AHEAD of me…not behind me!  Maybe for you it’s a workout song…or a vacation-starts-today-song…or an interview song.  Whatever it is, try it…and let us know how it goes!

As for today…”Roll!  Roll me away…I want to roll me away tonight!”  Do you have a longing that needs a soundtrack?

Spread Happyness — share your thoughts or tell us about your “escape” song in the comments!

“Next time…we’ll get it right!”

1/16/15 by Grace Church
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4 thoughts on “Week #18 – “Roll Me Away!” (What’s your escape song?)

  1. anne wright

    This is easy although I suspect Jamie and Grace will laugh when I reveal my getaway song. None other than, ‘Dancing Queen” from Mama Mia. Viewing all those women ripping off their aprons, throwing down their work to dance wildly in the streets. Every care fading with every step. Women united with one goal to leave their troubles behind. I cannot view that final scene with all those woman lined up on the dock, waving arms high in the air, singing with abandonment. Then….oh, yes…like small children they jump into the water. What fun.

    1. Grace Church Post author

      I already knew your escape song! I’ve been in the car with you when it comes up on the playlist! This is definitely a good feeling escape song! Thanks for taking the time to comment — and for following along!

  2. Gina Buongiorno

    I didn’t get to read this last week as I was insanely prepping for my vacation. Ironic you hit on vacations and big life changes (once again we are connected!) I suppose I’ve had a few escape songs, but I have a NEW one as of last week. It’s called All De Meat, by calypso artist K.B. He’s local to Abaco and the crew working our snorkel outing was playing it. The lyrics are hysterical, they are what caught our attention initially, but the calypso beat and the memory of racing across crystal clear turquoise waters under the Caribbean sun with not a care in the world are truly what make it our joint escape song. Your brother would have loved this song. We’ll have to play it for him some day. 🙂

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Love it, Geee! Escape songs are best when they come complete with a real-life escape! Can’t wait to hear it myself! Welcome home!!!


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