Week #23 – “Fitness never takes a snow day.” (Rob Church)

Snow Day2

Text from Rob on 3/2/14: “Fitness never takes a snow day…”

[Editor’s note: Thanks to all who raised a glass for the first-ever Happyness Hour last week!  Over thirty people joined together at Castaway’s Tavern in Hopatcong — and several others toasted remotely from parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, and one very special house-guest-loving-landlord currently on assignment in Cambodia!!!  Two nice big bags of food items were donated to West Side UMC’s food pantry — and a good time was had by all!  Looking forward to the next one already!  Way to go, Team Happyness!!!]

Week #23 – “Fitness never takes a snow day.” (Rob Church)

With all the snow recently…and perhaps the timing of the year…this text from Rob has been on my mind.  He sent it last year on March 2nd.  He was running windsprints at the track.  Many people admired Rob for his discipline…but his workouts were deeper than that.  They were a habit: as natural as getting up, getting showered, and brushing your teeth.  Anyone that knew Rob in high school can attest to the fact that he wasn’t born this way!  But as an adult, he got himself to a point where NOT doing it would be weirder than just getting it done!

Personally, I think of this text every time I head out to run on less than pleasant days.  I like to run outside…and being able to run along the ocean is a very special gift.  Checking the weather is simply not an option.  N’oreaster, blizzard, rain, heat, or humidity…I simply won’t let the weather be a deciding factor for me.  I learned that from Rob…

…and yet…

…I let a thousand things stand in the way of so much else!  I’m in the middle of a big cleaning/decluttering project right now.  A few major job changes, a couple of very busy summers, and more than one significant death in our household…I can track back the piles in my little home office space and kitchen to all of these major life events.  Reasons…maybe.  Excuses…I just can’t let myself get away with it any longer!  No more “snow days” for me, Rob!

What about you?  Are there things you are putting off for when the time is right, the weather is better, or the conditions are perfect?

Your assignment for this week: Pick ONE THING that’s been nagging at you since January 1st…and GET IT DONE this week!  Next Friday marks the end of February — and that means one-sixth of the year will be over.  Don’t let unfinished business take up any more of your precious time and rob you of your future happyness this year!  Trust me, I know it’s hard…especially when the excuses are so easy.  I’m in this with you!  Start small…think of that one thing at the top of your list of to-do’s that you can bang out this week…and get it done!

What habit “never takes a snow day” for you?

Spread Happyness — share your challenges, successes, to-do’s or TA-DA’s in the comments!

2/20/15 by Grace Church
© Grace Church

PS: Rob would often include silly or nonsensical quotes (accredited to him) at the bottom of his emails to me (he may have done this to you, too!).  I always envied his creativity…and I hope wherever he is, he enjoys being the one I am quoting this week!


9 thoughts on “Week #23 – “Fitness never takes a snow day.” (Rob Church)

  1. James Sommers

    Very good post Grace. My only challenge is there’s really nothing I need to “stop letting myself off the hook on.” It’s one of the challenges of living a perfect life!

    Sorry I just woke up from a nap of delusional arrogance. I’m back! Yes there are things I let myself get away with. Things I say, things I think and things I do that I know are not good for me or others; thoughts being the worse offender. So I’m gonna focused on improving my thinking. Negative thinking is one of the worse things for our minds, lives and body’s.

    One thing Rob’s death taught me is that life is short – sometimes too short — so live each day the best we can. That’s only possible with good, positive thinking.

    And yes Grace, to her credit, did run today. Outside. So did I. Inside. On a treadmill (and it was still cold!)

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Thanks, James! I always appreciate your honest thoughts…and wacky sense of humor! I know Rob’s death impacted you greatly…and your dedication to think positively and live fully is a wonderful way to keep his spirit alive every day!

  2. anne wright

    I look back at the past few years. I was shackled by fear, sadness (loss of my sister Rob and a very good friend) and a situation that brought me to my knees or should I write to my bed. I allowed circumstances to dictate what actions to take. Lonliness and fear were soothed by food. Addiction lie. I will make u feel better. I will soothe your wounded heart. In reality all that happened was my surrender of self. Well, that ended a few weeks back. Every day I write. every day I clean. Everyday I pray and talk to the creator. But, I have used every lie in my arsenal of excuses to give up unhealthy eating followed by lack of exercise. Starting today that ends…okay Rob. I will learn healthy ways of managing fear . Wish me luck. I will make healthy eating and exercise the habit it is/was for my son Jim and my son born of love…our Rob.

    Bless you Grace.

    1. Grace Church Post author

      “Hey Ms. Sommers…” Rob would be thrilled to know he is inspiring you to good health! No luck necessary…choose health! Choose Happyness!!!

      1. Gina Buongiorno

        I can still hear him say “Hey Ms. Sommers…” He’d be thrilled to know what you are doing.

        He used to get frustrated with me, being someone who never works out. He’d come back from a run and say “Geeeee, ya gotta get off the couch Geee. Your butt is going to slide down the back of your leg Geee. Eat another cookie Geeee!” But the truth is he knew my laziness wasn’t that, but rather me always making sure I took time out for me to rest, relax, decompress after a long day or week and just think and be. He loved to tease me about it but would then say something like “G, you sit and relax, you deserve it.” So for me, relaxing never takes a snow day. There are plenty of activities I need to make regular parts of my life. I’ll work on it. Just as soon as I get off the couch. 😉

        1. Grace Church Post author

          Always glad to hear from you, Gee! It is a wise girl who knows her limits…and taking time to relax and recharge ensures you will have much to offer when called upon. I know this to be true of you! 😉

  3. Pat Boyd

    Our assignment for this week is so timely for me.

    I recently ran across a quote from Napoleon Hill, he said: “Don’t wait……….the time will never be just right.” Since reading this quote, I have broken down my huge task of moving to Belmar, into do-able smaller weekly tasks.

    Yes, I used to be a procrastinator. From time to time, I did better at doing things NOW, rather than later, but I always regressed back to later. Don’t get me wrong, I always did something, but my priorities were not aligned right. It was always what seemed to be the larger tasks, that were placed at the bottom of the list. Since reading Mr. Hill’s quote, I have come to realize that, what seemed to be such large tasks, did not take nearly as long to accomplish as I thought.

    So now, when moving day does arrive, I will be ready for it.

    1. Grace Church Post author

      Hey Aunt Patsy! Great to hear from you — and WONDERFUL to hear you are coming down to the shore! Indeed…the time is never “just right”…it “just is.” I agree…I often find that the things I put off “because I don’t have enough time” always wind up taking much less time than I expected! Keep at it! I know you have a lot going on right now…and I’m so looking forward to seeing you and Buddy on the boards of Belmar!


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