Week #30 – What is your “Always…” ?

"Always..." (Photo credit: Grace Church)

“Always…” (Photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #30 – What is your “Always…” ?

As I continue to sort through all the comments, cards, texts, and emails about Rob…there are a few words that get repeated over and over again.  One of them is “Always…”

And after I think about Rob, I can’t help but wonder…what will people remember about me?

It’s easy to think about the good things people might say…but it’s harder to think about the stuff that stings a bit.  I often hear I’m “always practical”, “level-headed”, “reliable”, and “consistent.”  Well that’s great…for everyone else!  But sometimes I want to be the wild, crazy, funny free spirit instead!  😉

Rob himself used to tell me all the time, “Grace…you’re always working.”  It wasn’t a compliment.  He wanted me to come out and play!

(And it’s a stingy reality to wish now that I had!)

Perhaps the stingy reality for you might be “always stressed out” or “always angry” or “always confused”.  (Or worse…maybe “always upbeat” when you don’t always feel that way!)  Well…what do you want to be?

How do YOU want to be remembered?!

“Always _________________”

Your assignment for this week: Identify your “Always…!”  Brainstorm a list of 5-10 things people might say — or better yet, ask some trusted friends for some honest feedback!  Are you happy with these qualities?  GREAT!  Keep living and breathing them!  But if there’s something that stings a bit…look deeper.  “Always busy…” sounds proud, until it comes from your kids or a spouse.  “Always late…” might be a funny anecdote from your parents or siblings, but not from your boss.  “Always taking care of others first…” has a noble ring to it, but perhaps there’s an unspoken cost to you or your family?

If there are things you don’t like…there might be more to YOU than YOU are letting the world know!  Maybe you’ve gotten so used to the person the world is expecting you to be that you forgot who you really are!  Don’t wait for others to tell you…find NEW words that describe the person YOU want to be: maybe it’s “productive”, “balanced”, “creative”, “on-time”, or “self-reliant”!

Pick one new “Always…” and focus on developing it this week!

Spread Happyness — be the living and breathing “Always…” that you want to be!

(And tell us about it in the comments!)

4/10/15 by Grace Church
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