Week #60 – Eight Weeks to Happyness: CONNECT!

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Strange Magic (photo credit: Grace Church)

[Editor’s note: This week’s post comes on the heels of losing yet another soul too soon: to the family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, clients, and children of Valerie Lupo (Mount Olive class of 1997) — my heart is with you.  May every connection, big and small, strengthen and support you in the days, weeks, and months ahead. I dedicate this post to her mom Jodi…and her beautiful Val.]

Week #60 – Eight Weeks to Happyness: CONNECT!

One year ago today, Rob’s hairstylist Jodi tracked me down because she was remembering and missing Rob.  She shared stories about his visits to the salon…and then she mentioned that a certain song (“Strange Magic” by ELO) reminded her of him.  I wrote about that on Week #9 — and challenged you to reach out and connect with someone when a song (or word, or place, or food) reminded you of them.

One year later…this post is once again dedicated to Jodi, and her daughter Valerie who passed away earlier this week.  I got word of Val’s passing via Facebook on Tuesday…and my heart immediately sank for Jodi, her family, and all who knew and loved Val.  The next few days and weeks will be beyond difficult…and I know now the truth of what lies ahead: an ever-changing but endless grief.

Our Ten Weeks to Happyness is underway — and it may seem strange to tie the subject of death or grief to Happyness — but this is where we have to take the lead.  Horrible things happen.  Unimaginable, unexplainable, incomrehendible things.  In October we talked about setting priorities, taking action, and living up to who we say we are (or want to be).  This week I can’t help but take a step back and challenge us, while we’re in hot pursuit of your own dreams and goals, to REACH OUT and CONNECT with someone else who is struggling!

Especially someone who is grieving.

Grief is one of the loneliest roads a person can travel — because each loss is unique to the griever.  We don’t need to fix it, or make sense of it, or spin it — we can just be lost in it as much as the other person and say we don’t know why…we just know, and we’re really really sorry.

A little connection goes a LONG way.  Don’t hold back.

Your Happyness Challenge for the week ahead: CONNECT with someone this week!  Send an email or text, make a phone call or reach out to let them know you are thinking of them.  If you know them better — make some food, offer to help with a chore, or run an errand.  (And if they’re already gone — talk to them out loud, write a letter, or share a story about them with someone else.)

Grief knows no time limit…but neither does love!  That is “Strange Magic” indeed.

Spread Happyness — CONNECT!  And share your experiences in the comments!

11/6/15 by Grace Church
© Grace Church

4 thoughts on “Week #60 – Eight Weeks to Happyness: CONNECT!

  1. anne wright

    Just this morning I received a notification from LinkedIn (SP?) from a nurse and friend I worked with years ago. She and I traveled to San Francisco and had a great time. We lost touched many years ago and she does not use her Gmail account. But, this thoughtful person has always sent me Christmas cards and Easter Greeting. So, today I shall call her, or perhaps tomorrow. She has a big heart and has a great sense of humor…

  2. Jodi

    Thank you Grace 💜 I’m a little behind in reading the Spead Happyness posts. This is so lovely. Reaching out and letting someone know that they matter in your life and are loved and appreciated is the biggest gift you can give.
    Strange Magic 💜

    1. Grace Church Post author

      You are welcome, Jodi! And your post is a testimony that the best way to connect is simply to reach out — without expectation of a response. Words of true love and support are a gift…not an exchange! XOXO


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