Week #63 – Five Weeks to Happyness: TOYS for…TRUCKS?! (Happyness in Action — with Amy Wood-Oblen)


(Chatterbox Drive-In – Augusta, NJ)

Week #63 – Five Weeks to Happyness: TOYS for…TRUCKS?!
(Happyness in Action — with Amy Wood-Oblen)

Greetings Happyness Tribe — and Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

If Thanksgiving is all about GRATITUDE then December is all about GENEROSITY!!!

And how better to kick off the holiday season (and our very own 50-for-50 Virtual Toy Drive) by celebrating our second nomination for Happyness in Action: Rob’s classmate Amy Wood-Oblen and her family — for headlining the Monster Trucks for Toys Event at the Chatterbox Drive-In in Augusta, NJ this Saturday from 11-3p to benefit children in Sussex County this holiday season!  Each new, unwrapped toy gets you a ride on the Monster Truck for free!  (See poster for details.)

Amy and her family are happy to give back to Project Self-Sufficiency’s Season of Hope Program.  “It means a lot to us because years before I met my husband I lived in Sussex County with my son and for a few years and they helped me to put presents under my tree, so I owe them a lot.”

The owner of The Chatterbox has the toy drive every year.  A few years ago while eating there, Amy’s husband Shawn (of NJ Monster Trucks) was talking with him and they came up with the idea of doing rides for toys.

Four or five years later, it’s a tradition.  Last year (even with weather complications) they collected over 70 toys.  Toys that will go to children right in their own backyard.  Amy added, “it’s a plus to know it will be local children receiving the gifts.”

And while the suggested donation value is $5 per ride, Amy says:  “The great thing about this event is how much people give…they give much much more!”

Weather has been an issue in the past because if it rains or snows they have to cancel.  This year they are starting earlier so they can add the rain/snow date (Sunday, November 29th).

Your Happyness Challenge for the week ahead: GIVE GENEROUSLY!!! As I wrote last year on Week #11, one of Rob’s greatest joys was donating to Toys for Tots each year.  I’m calling on you — Rob’s Happyness Family — to spread the wealth with another “50-for-50 Virtual Toy Drive” this year.  If you’re local, Amy’s event on Saturday is a great place to start.  Otherwise, you choose your gift and your location (Rob chose Toys for Tots, but there are many other options in your community — a church, local foodbank, Salvation Army, or other organization).  Just let us know what you donated and where…and maybe even post a photo!  I’ll tally up the info and post a running total each week, with a grand total at the end of the month!

Last year we tallied about 50 donations — which was MATCHED by two anonymous donors — for a total of 100 donations!

Whattya say, Team Happyness…can we top it?!

Spread Happyness — GIVE GENEROUSLY!  Spread the Wealth and donate a game or toy (or food, etc.) in Rob’s honor this year!  (Then tell us about it — post a comment, send a photo, or share this challenge with others!)

11/27/15 by Grace Church
© Grace Church

(PS: Special thanks to Amy Wood-Oblen for taking the time to share her story!  To learn more about NJ Monster Trucks, visit them on Facebook at facebook.com/NJMonsters)

50 for #50 Toy Drive Update  (AS OF 12/12/15):
1. A football, Hot Wheels set, Loom activity set, 500-piece puzzle, toy construction vehicle, mini construction vehicle set, and a tea party set were donated to Toys for Tots.
2. Lego Friends toy donated at Turtleback Zoo Toy Drive.
3. Donation was made to Teterboro Animal Shelter
4. Donation was made to Endometriosis Foundation of America

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