Week #72 – Back to Basics: “Hey, how ya’ doing?”

"How ya' doing?" (photo credit: Grace Church)

“How ya’ doing?” (photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #72 – Back to Basics: “Hey, how ya’ doing?”

Back at Week #13, I wrote about this phrase — written on a strip of paper on the “Words to Remember Me By…” board at Rob’s services.  It’s a question we hear in passing every single day (How are ya?  How ya’ doing?) — but how many people really intend to get an answer?

As many of you remember, when Rob asked you this question — he wanted to know the answer.  And he was prepared to take the time to get it.  He wasn’t afraid of an honest answer either.  In fact, he seemed to delight in it!  I’d venture a guess that much of the happyness in our individual relationships with him was built on this kind of ease and honesty.  It is one of the things I know many of us miss.

SpreadHappyness was born with the mission to look at the little ways our beloved friend/brother/mate/partner brought happiness to people’s lives — and challenge ourselves to carry this light forward to others each week.  This past month, we’ve revisited some of the basics…and reflected on some of the little things that really meant the most:

1. Smile
2. Wave Big
3. Say Hello Like You Mean It
4. “Hey, how ya’ doing?”

January has been a busy month for everyone — back on schedule, back to work, back to school.  As we move forward into 2016, please remember (and I need to, also!) that happiness is not an accident.  It’s a choice.  We CAN create Happyness…one week, and one interaction, at a time!

Your Happyness Challenge for the Week Ahead: How are YOU doing?  Pick someone (or maybe try everyone) and ask sincerely: “Hey, how ya’ doing?”  Be prepared to spend a little time listening to an honest answer…and be ready to offer words of encouragement whether it’s good news or bad news.  This includes being excited/enthusiastic/encouraging to someone who is starting something new — or being patient/understanding/steadfast toward someone who is struggling.  One great answer to either scenario is simply: “I believe in you!” (and mean it!)

And so, let me ask you…How are you doing?  Is there anything I can do to help or encourage or celebrate with you?  Because…and this is true…I believe in you!

Spread Happyness this week…and tell us how you are doing in the comments!

1/29/16 by Grace Church
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