Week #81 – To Row or To Float?

Row! (Photo credit: Grace Church)

Row! (Photo credit: Grace Church)

Week #81 – To Row or To Float?

It’s been a full week since my move to Los Angeles — and things are starting to settle down.

And by settle down — I mean shaking up.  Because with each moment of calm or contentment that washes my way — there is some sort of white water to follow.

Now, I know these aren’t serious problems — but during a time of rapid and drastic change, it’s the little things that can put you over the edge:

The printer breaks.
The cable isn’t working.
The break light comes on…and stays on*.
(*Except when you take the car to the mechanic, of course!)

I can move 3,000 miles away on my own and smile the whole time…but let me forget a password or run into a technical problem, and I completely lose it!

I’d like to say that I Spread Happyness everywhere I went this week — but it’s probably more likely I spread something else!  😉

When thinking about this week’s post — I was feeling like a bit of a fraud.  But then as I thought of Rob and springtime…I remembered a photo from a day we spent in Central Park.  And the concept of rowing came to mind.

It isn’t because Rob rowed the whole day.  No, no…he did not!  But that is another story.  What struck me was he let others do the work while he thoroughly enjoyed himself!  Making jokes, calling to dogs, and mostly just taking it all in.  We still got around.  Still got where we were going.  Still got the boat back on time.

And we all — each in our own way — had a great time!

Your Happyness Challenge for the week ahead: To Row or To Float?  There are times when the only right thing to do is row, row, row your boat as hard as you can against the current.  But if you or someone you know is hitting white water this week…sometimes the best strategy is to drop the oars.  It may seem counter intuitive — and I know for many of us it may feel impossible to let go of the controls.  But give it a try on a little thing…and see if it isn’t more fun just to float along, enjoy the ride, and arrive at the same outcome anyway!

Happy Spring!!!

Spread Happyness – and tell me, do you prefer to row or float?!

4/1/16 by Grace Church
© Grace Church

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